My homemade MMU


    Here is a video of my MMU, I already tested it in print, it works until the moment when the filaments intermingle ...
    In addition, my printer is not calibrated at all, it is always in WIP.
    So the video just shows the tools change, with the purge.

    The base of the printer is a ratrig increased in size, with lots of little tricks.
    The head support remains of the hack, because the addition of the servo at the last moment, will require a better integration. And especially to install the cutter at the lowest.

    The MMU is a mix of lots of tricks, nottamentally transplanted on the MMU Zblairq, a big thank you! And also at Gravatron3000 for its sample codes.
    This is not the final version, but everything is printed, it only remains to mount the 16 elements ...
    I used dualdrive from bondtech, because I have a long tube about 1m, it must grow.
    The scraper system, allows me to print continuously without using tricks, and especially to eliminate the limits of 6 extruders Simplify3D.

    What do you think?

    I can make the code and CAD files available if it interests someone.

    For the fact, that the filaments intermingle together, I seem to have found a solution, but if you have ideas, examples, I am!

    Edit: I forgot to thank DC42 for his help !!

  • Super boulot !

    I'm interested with your cad files and macros!

    A few months ago, I build a similar MMU using Bondtech gears, but I had issues when engaging the gears: they often failed to engage, making a big clack! as soon as they start to turn :o/ I was about to drop this idea, but your's seems to work fine.

    About the cutter, do you evacuate the cut tip? Or does it remain in the extruder? I was thinking to put the cutter below the extruder, so the small tip remains in the hotend entry tube, then, the new filament pushes it again down in the nozzle, so no need to evacuate it.

    I'm about to install my new custom extruder, using Bondtech gears and a small Nema14 + gearbox, and start a new design of a MMU, but your's is great. The only difference is I would not put the carriage, and have a passive multiplexer, above the extruder, so it takes less time to switch, and it avoids the carriage entry. And also greatly reduces filament intermingle... So, I may tune a little bit your design with this setup.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Nice work mate!

    You might like this as it helped me also

    Also hopefully soon the firmware change with triggers in tool changes will help our mmu's

  • @gavatron3000 said in My home made MMU:

    You might like this as it helped me also

    I printed one, to test, and it works amazingly well!

  • @gavatron3000
    I had seen, my problem is that my filaments are floating, so that would disarm them.
    I am designing a completely passive system, it seems to work, but it remains to be validated.

    Otherwise, here are the STEP and IGES files of my latest version, it's global and WIP, so you have to sort.

    The triggers of the proto are slightly worked in the dremel, the files are the patches. I printed them but not tested. But I have no doubt about their smooth operation.
    They bring 3 trigger positions: (I only have 2 on the proto 1 and 2 together)

    1. rest with positioning stop, for priming.
    2. Completely free filament
    3. bowden mode

  • Mine are floating too, it doesn't pull as hard as you might think. There is also another version that you can adjust the tension the same guy designed that one also

  • roughly, it rewinds by retracting only?
    I had also seen the second one.

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  • Looks pretty nice! I am currently eyeing the SMuFF, but that is active and not passive ...

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