weird deceleration before the curve

  • Hi guys, I hope someone can shed some light. I am not sure whether this is marlin specific or board specific, but I have a weird issue and not sure which parameter in config file should be adjusted for that. Any help is appreadited.

    Here is the description of my issue. And it is apparent on this video:

    [I REMOVED THE LINK] - after outcry by David that it's a "blatant promotion" on his million visitor platform [facepalm]. I figured that out already, so nevermind guys.

    As you see, right after fast straight line, for some reason, it decelerates almost to a stop before entering the curve. I want it to go smoothly there as that deceleration is absolutely not needed there.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @vlad

    Increasing your instantaneous speed setting (jerk) will likely help. It could be too low for one of the axes or the extruder but without more information, it's impossible to answer you question.

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    @Vlad, please do not create promotional posts disguised as support requests.

    btw there is a section on the forum at for crowdfunding project announcements.

  • @deckingman Thanks a lot. Yeah, I already figured that out by playing with different parameters. For some reason I still can not achieve similar smoothness that I had on smoothie board on similar curve at 200+ speeds. But I will play a bit more with those parameters. I think this is where the problem is for sure! Thanks again!

  • @dc42 Hi David. First of all, I am not sure where you see the promo. If you think your forum with 60 views on this topic is really worth it, I respectfully disagree. Anything under 1000 views can not even be ever considered promo worthy. So please, when you make such "assumptions" consider this. And if I could share a raw video on your platform, I would have gladly done so, but it didn't allow me, and the only videos I had published online which I could link, all are edited already. Didn't think it could be any concern, especially considering that I am on your second board and DUEX5 and keep suggesting your board to everyone, despite that my first one weirdly failed 😉 But hey, thanks for a hint about reprap. I have not advertised this project anywhere at all actually, just yet. Didn't expect it to go that fast. I plan to throw it to youtube this week also. By the way TMC2660 are killers! Especially at 300mm/s speeds! This is where they especially shine!

    "disguised" (facepalm) David, this is just ridiculous that you even think that was the case. I like your board, despite it being extremely overpriced, but you are extremely weird to say the least.

    Since you suggested me that forum link, here is my personal advice to you is that if you keep failing to lower your prices to make them reasonable, Chinese will overtake 60-70% of all your sales in less than 2 years. It's gonna be no fun, but it's inevitable when you utilize such greedy profit model. I am in production business, and I know how much these boards cost to manufacture - $30-40. Assembling in EU is cool, but components are all still from China, except for maybe stepper drivers. With that said my first 1.2 Duet board had a horrible assembly quality, which I have never seen with China production for example. Here on this picture is what I paid $180 for, couple years ago. Now it failed, and apparently no warranty. Think of it. alt text.

    Is this the level of assembly in the UK that we are paying such a premium for? I never rose this issue in a first place. I don't think I will continue suggesting your genuine boards to my auditory anymore, mainly based on your communication with me.

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    Vlad, the video you linked to in your first post in this thread is blatant promotion. I wouldn't have minded if you had titled the post "My new hot end on kickstarter". And your mention of Marlin indicates that the behaviour you refer to has nothing to do with RepRapFirmware or Duet.

    PS - I agree that some of the component placement on that Duet looks poor. When did you buy it, and who did you buy it from?

  • @dc42 David, again, in case you can't read from the first time. I think you overestimate your forum so much and flying in your own pink clouds if you think I would bother promoting here, especially in such shady way. I find it quite ironic that you even assumed that, let alone being so sure about that nonsense. People usually see in others their own reflection. So I assume it is OK for you to promote in such way, so you think others are the same. I am not the same. If I want to promote something, first of all, I do that for money in business way and not in a 16yo school boy way which you assumed. I have well established advertising accounts on all major platforms for all my business, and even assuming I would do that in such a shady way, it's childish to say the least, and disrespectful to say as it is. I bought two of your boards and a DUEX5 and to have to deal with such horrible attitude, it's just unacceptable. I would never again invest a single cent into your company by buying anything from you guys anymore.

    In China people have much better manners for half the cost. Take care.

    P.S: I am pretty bad with firmware names, they all are very similar to my eye, I thought your board uses Marlin, so I mentioned that. Obviously I am using your board, and whatever firmware comes with it. For some reason I though it was called Marlin.

  • @dc42 Regarding the board question. Filastruder, couple years ago. They are as horrible in attitude and customer service as you are. Also were very disrespectful and gave me a lot of trouble when I asked to return a heavily flawed 7inch screen. Provided video evidence, and they tried to pull some lies on me. Even said that could not see the problem when they received the screen. Horrible company and liars. I am glad matterhackers are my neighbors so I don't have to deal with inferior unprofessional distributors anymore.

    As for the board, if I received such quality product from one of my Chinese suppliers, they would have to redo all order for free and this would go into garbage. Speaking of quality standards. And I didn't say a word. But when you are rude on top of selling overpriced inferior quality board, that's already too much for me. Anyways, good luck in your business. I am out. I deleted a link, since it bothered you so much. You can be in peace now, and not waste energy on something that has zero importance.

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