Duet Web Control 2.0.0-RC6

  • in the list of macros, File management> Macros, the right button "Run macro" does not work
    Left click works

  • how can I 'pin' the fan speedin DWC 2?

  • Extrusion control buttons 'Retract' and 'Extrude' are greyed out after RC6. Even when the hotend is hot. While /reprap.htm is working fine.

  • what had happened to language files / localization ?

  • unchecking ToolFan in "change visibility" shows error $t('panel.fans.noFans') }}

  • @chrishamm
    DWC2 RC6, MacOS, Chrome 72.0.3626.121

    Is there any way to adjust the size of the navigation panel on the left side of DWC2? I know I can completely remove it, but I'd rather just make it smaller (so it takes up less horizontal space.) The reason for asking is that when the navigation panel is exposed (which I prefer), the rest of the browser page looks poorly squeezed into the available space. Here's an example from my (very old) MBP:

    Notice that the temperatures numbers (middle box) are all truncated and the the temperature graph looks very thin. (Also, what's going on with the temp graph legend for MCU? It doesn't look like a dashed line at all... The first time I saw it, I thought my son had attacked my screen with a magic marker.)

    0_1552185212723_Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at 9.27.46 PM.png

    Thank you

  • the macro continues to load and nothing can be seen


  • administrators

    @NicoLab28 @c310 Thanks, I'll fix both in the next version.

    @c310 Localization support has been implemented but I haven't added any translations yet. If you wish to contribute, feel free to translate this file https://github.com/chrishamm/DuetWebControl/blob/next/src/i18n/en.js and send it over to me. We still need to find a solution for keeping them up-to-date though - perhaps a mailing list would be good.

    @garyd9 You can hide the navigation menu by clicking on the button in the top left corner. That is supposed to happen automatically when the screen width becomes too low. Can you tell me what resolution you use on your MBP?

    @gideon That's quite odd. Do you have a lot of files in your macros directory?

  • @chrishamm said in Duet Web Control 2.0.0-RC6:

    feel free to translate this file

    i can do Russian, but belive @Monderlog have done that.
    perhaps you can publish ru.js on github and we will review that

  • @chrishamm probably trivial but : how can I 'pin' the fan speed in DWC 2?

  • @chrishamm i have 10 macro's

  • @chrishamm
    small bug:
    I added a chamber heater with some fans on it.
    This fan is created with that commands:

        M307 H3 A-1 C-1 D-1
        M106 P3 S0 I0 F100  H-1 B0.5 C"Chamber" A3 L0.23; Heated chamber fan

    And it doesn't show up when I select it in visibility

  • @gideon said in Duet Web Control 2.0.0-RC6:

    @chrishamm i have 10 macro's

    now it works.

  • This is great! I was considering forking and doing a more modern UI.

    Will test and write back with any issues 👍

  • @chrishamm said in Duet Web Control 2.0.0-RC6:

    @garyd9 You can hide the navigation menu by clicking on the button in the top left corner. That is supposed to happen automatically when the screen width becomes too low. Can you tell me what resolution you use on your MBP?

    1440x900. (It's an older MBP.)

    Take care

  • Hello,

    I commented on an earlier release of DWC, I believe RC4 or 5? Anyway, my issue was that the height map was storing correcting and applying software correction to my print, but the image of the height map would not display.

    It turns out this was due to the browser I was using! Apparently Brave (a browser based on chromium that natively blocks ads/popups/trackers) does not allow for that image to refresh or display for some reason. When I pulled up DWC with Firefox it displayed perfectly fine.

  • A minor note - is the Fan RPM reading gone for good? There seems to be no way to either toggle or display it in DWC 2.

  • @mike I miss that as well. Jumped through all the hoops to read it out and no it's no longer displayed - I would very happily treat it for the Z probe value since I do not even have a Z probe. 😂

  • Feature request / idea: temperature of heater in degrees or percent o taget temp in the title/heading.

    So when a print is started I can se the progress of heating up, then when the printing starts it switches to print progress as of today.

    Great new GUI, keep up the good work!

  • @chrishamm said in Duet Web Control 2.0.0-RC6:

    mponents (also fixes a bug that caused all inputs to stop working once the heightmap was activated)
    Changed click behaviour of file list items to be activated on a single click again
    Added touch events to event+file lists to show the context menu on devices that do not support the native JS contextmenu event
    Print information is no longer cleared when a print finishes
    Simplified file list reset when the connection is interrupted
    Print+Simulate options are hidden when a job file is being processed
    Escape closes the text editor again
    Height map is automatically reloaded once 'heightmap.csv' shows up in a G-code response
    Minor other changes
    Bug fix: Notification when editing a large file was not displayed during download
    Bug fix: Macro list did not return to the root directory when the connection was interrupted
    Bug fix: Warm-up time was not displayed
    Bug fix: Selected tool was no longer highlighted when the light theme was selected
    Bug fix: Drag&Drop was completely broken in Chrome and the drag animation stopped working anywhere

    For me drag and drop in chrome is still not working. It always shows me the opended gcode


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