Duet Web Control 2.0.0-RC6

  • @johnocfii yes I am only on mac.

    @chrishamm I also noticed that I can not move the cursor my the arrow keys in the editor

  • I looked everywhere but can't find Machine Properties to endstops ecc.
    Also is it possible to make the webcam image fill the space?0_1552945755266_webcam.PNG
    In DWC2 the cam image takes much longer to loads than the old interface.


  • At the risk of asking a dumb question, What is the minimum Duet 2 Maestro firmware I should be running before installing the Duet Web Control 2.0.0-RC6 firmware? (I think I'm on RC5 of the Web Control, but I am not in front my printer right now. I suspect that my Duet 2 Maestro firmware is 2.02, but I would verify that before applying any Duet Web Control firmware upgrade.

  • @quarky42 2.02 and DWC 2RC6 will be fine together

  • i think "show mesh bed compensation" map is missing in "compensation & calibration"

  • moving speed slider to "1" generates error message - M220 S1 invalid speed factor

    i think there should be a simple check - if speed is below 1, speed = 1 🙂 this should be done before sending speed to firmware.

  • suggestion to the time estimation section... too many words now and not easy to read

    1. add words based on after "Estimations" --> "Estimations based on:"

    2. remove these words afterwards
      "Based on filament usage" ---> "...filament usage"

    3. change color of list items OR color of data: "filament usage" can be white and time value can be light yellow or other non-white color


  • @c310 said in Duet Web Control 2.0.0-RC6:

    i think "show mesh bed compensation" map is missing in "compensation & calibration"

    height map has no use in main menu.

  • This is just gorgeous!!! Congratulations!

    Thank you very much!

  • The Slicer or simulation time estimations showed during print starts counting during warm-up time.

  • in g-code console i suggest put small button that directs to g-code help / reference

  • I updated from DWC1 to the latest DWC and found I did not like it. So I switched back to DWC1 (thanks for that). I would like to switch back and forth between the two and could find no way of doing this other than re-uploading the latest RC. When I did this though, I was still within DWC1 and of course there is no switch to DWC-RC button.

  • administrators

    The DWC2 files do not overwrite the DWC1 files. If you have both installed and you are using firmware 2.02 or later, then by default you will get DWC2. Here are two ways of getting DWC1:

    1. Load DWC2, then find the link in DWC2 that gives you DWC1. Exactly where that link is depends on which version of DWC2 you are running.

    2. When you type the IP address of the Duet into your browser, append "/reprap.htm" to it (without the quotes).

  • Just tried the DWC2 again, not bad. However I think the blue (#1976d2) is quite hard to read against the gray background in the dark mode. I think a lighter blue like #0091ea is much more readable. Also, I found two bugs. I built the latest Duet Web Control 2.0.0-RC6+3 from github.

    1. If i click on Extra, any clicks on Tools will simply not do anything. I have no possibility to go back to Tools, other than to reload the page.
    2. For some reason, in the Tool page, all the Current temperatures just read as n/a. The graph next to it shows all temperatures fine though.

    For 2), the console shows this:

    app.806a5f0e.js:19 TypeError: Cannot read property 'current' of undefined
        at app.806a5f0e.js:32
        at s.Ve [as _l] (app.806a5f0e.js:19)
        at sp (app.806a5f0e.js:32)
        at s.t._render (app.806a5f0e.js:19)
        at s.i (app.806a5f0e.js:19)
        at ni.get (app.806a5f0e.js:19)
        at ni.run (app.806a5f0e.js:19)
        at Jn (app.806a5f0e.js:19)
        at Array.<anonymous> (app.806a5f0e.js:19)
        at ce (app.806a5f0e.js:19)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @chrishamm Any chance you could duplicate the Compensation & Calibration button/menu onto the Height Map tab? I find myself flipping back and forth between the two. Just a thought.

  • Hi guys, just updated really quickly to 2.0 by uploading zip via WiFi. Now my printer is absolutely down as it loads an empty page. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Here is the HTML from what loads:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang="en">
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1.0">
    <link rel="icon" href="<%= BASE_URL %>favicon.ico">
    <strong>We're sorry but Duet Web Control does not work properly without JavaScript enabled. Please enable it to continue.</strong>
    <div id="app"></div>
    <!-- built files will be auto injected -->

    It basically loads index.html from SD card, but nothing else.

  • @vlad You can try taking the SD card out and putting it in a PC, deleting the contents of the WWW folder and unzipping the either the 1.22.6 or 2.0-RC6 versions into the WWW folder.

  • @phaedrux nope, not helping. Looks like duet can't see that now index is in "public" subfolder. Why couldn't this be taken care of by DUET team instead of me now having to do their job again and having machine that is down. I basically installed the new zip in a usual way, and now printer is down. Why everything has to always be so half-assed... 😐 I can open the public.html file from browser, the problem is that it is absolutely deal and non functioning.... 😞

  • @vlad Did you even try what I suggested?


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