Problems with setup

  • I got my Duet 2 Wifi recently (original, from Printed Solid) and I've been having problems getting it setup. I tried following the dozuki documentation but I couldn't get it to work on two separate computers. Both my Macbook pro and Surface Pro say that there's a power surge on the USB port and the device is drawing too much power to support. I've tried pressing and holding the reset button with no changes.

    I manually loaded on a configuration file to the SD card thinking that might bypass the dozuki setup, but that didn't help either.

    The Duet came in a shielded bag and it didn't look like the box had been tampered with. I checked the fuses and they all seem to be intact. I'm afraid to attach 24V, but I will if that will help troubleshoot the issue.

    Thank you for your time.


  • Just saw this post:

    Taking a look at my board, there seems to be the same thing on the U3? Would that cause the same symptoms I'm experiencing? Is there anything I can do or will this need to be a warranty claim?

    I am having a hard time making out the markings on the U3 chip. The last two lines seem to be:

    I hope this can track down a bad batch.

  • administrators

    I'm sorry your Duet has failed. Please submit a warranty claim. Also, please answer the following questions:

    1. Please read off any letters and numbers you can read on U3.
    2. What VIN voltage were you using?
    3. What (if anything) were you powering using 5V power from the Duet? For example: PanelDue, 5V fans, servo, BLTouch.

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