Additional stepper drivers on Duex 5

  • Hi, can I connect two additional external stepper drivers if I am already using a Duex 5 expansion board? I have read that I could use the CONN_LCD connector pins? Is there a description for that somwhere?


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  • Okay, finally got the drivers from oriental but I am not sure about the nomenclature:

  • Attempting to connect via Conn_LCD I think I should connect the following pins (assuming Duet uses a "current sink output design" and gives "1 puls signals" as they call it in the oriental manual) :

    Conn_LCD to Oriental CRD5114P (see image above)

    pin 10 ) Step11 to be connected to pin 1) PLS+
    pin 2 ) GND to be connected to pin 2) PLS-
    pin 8 ) DIR11 to be connected to pin 3) DIR+
    pin 2 ) GND to be connected to pin 4) DIR-
    pin 6 ) EN11 to be connected to nothing?
    pin 4 ) Stop11 to be connected to no clue!


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    You could also connect AWOFF+ to EN and AWOFF- to ground.

    Two points to note:

    1. The CONN_LCD connector provides 3.3V signals with low current drive. That may not be sufficient. You can use a 74HCT367 or similar chip to boost the signals to 5V.

    2. You will need to extend the step pulse timing for that driver in the M569 command.

  • @dc42 said in Additional stepper drivers on Duex 5:


    Alright - thanks a lot, especially for the tip of timing!
    I wouldnt know how to connect such an IC chip so I will try with 3.3 V first, lets see - I can post it here if 3.3v work with that driver.

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    For a 74HCT365 or 74HCT367 (either will do) in 16-pin DIL package:

    Pins 1,8,15 - ground
    Pin 16 - +5V
    Pins 2,4,6,10,12,14 - inputs from CONN_LCD
    Pins 3,5,7,9,11,13 - +outputs to stepper driver +input pins (connect the -input pins of the stepper driver to ground)

    Also connect a 0.1uf capacitor between pin 16 and ground.

    A few stepper drivers have a common +input pin. For those, use a 74HCT366 or 74HCT368 instead, connect the driver -input pins to the outputs of the chip (pins 3,5 etc.), and connect the common +input of the driver to +5V.

    Take great care not to short +5V to any of the other pins on CONN_LCD.

    HTH David

  • @stellator said in Additional stepper drivers on Duex 5:

    Oriental CRD5114P

    Dear David, using the Oriental Motor Driver CRD5114P in combination with the five phase Motor PKP569FN2482 I can report that it seems to be working nicely using 3.3V signal as provided by the DuetWifi LCD_Conn Header.

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