deckingman is no longer a decking man

  • This is nothing to do with anything really, hence the reason I've put it in the "Off Topic" category.

    I've always kind of regretted choosing the user name "deckingman". It mostly stemmed from the current career path that I had chosen at that time. I have had a long and varied career, mostly in the automotive industry and always in engineering in one form or another. It has only been the last few years that I decided to earn a living by doing something completely different by designing and building garden decks and associated structures. So "deckingman" was never a reflection of my training or background. But I have a presence on the internet as deckingman (various forums, my YouTube channel, Thingiverse etc) so I'm kind of stuck with it.

    Anyway, age and a couple of health issues have taken their toll so I've come to the decision that I can no longer build decks. Also, I am now in receipt of the state retirement pension, which takes up most of my personal allowance, meaning that the taxman wants a huge chunk of anything I earn.

    Oh and the other reason why I had been known as "deckingman" stems from a bit of a wild time in my younger days - I'm far too old to deck anybody now.☺

    So deckingman is no longer a decking man. I have some ideas to do something with 3D printing to supplement my pension. I'm not exactly sure what yet but watching a machine do the work is a lot easier than carrying 4.8 metre lengths of timber and 20kg bags of concrete around (and I don't need to wear thermals and waterproofs).

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    Enjoy your retirement! But stay active one way or another - as I am sure you will.

  • @dc42 said in deckingman is no longer a decking man:

    Enjoy your retirement! But stay active one way or another - as I am sure you will.

    Thanks - and "er in doors" will make sure I'm not idle. ☺ But yes, I've always had so many hobbies and interests that finding time for a job has always been difficult. I'll not be bored........

  • Nice !!!!

    Im jealous I must say.

    Well I never knew if you were a "decking Man" or ... DEC Kingman - mystery SOLVED !!! 😉

    Looking forward to seeing / reading of your 3d exploits.


  • More time you say?
    We are doomed.

    Congratulations! Enjoy it.

  • I hope you weren't the source of the bad joke about "I'm banned from B&Q...". Enjoy the retirement and welcome to being even busier than when you were working...

  • Congratulations on your new freedom! I hope to be in a similar position in a few more years. The closer I get, the farther away it seems...

  • Good luck to you in your retirement! Hope to see an increased output of cool projects to drool over 😉

  • Congratulations on your retirement.

    I'm completely jealous. I'm on the "Freedom 95" plan myself, if figure that my retirement will probably be a "boots first" one.

    As for usernames... I will probably not have a Toyota Supra soon-ish. Currently, I only have my very first one, which has long been relegated to "parts car" and has been fairly thoroughly picked over, soon to be destined to the crusher. I bought the car in the mid-90s, and adopted the username shortly after. Well, it's still highly likely that I'll have another one at some point. I'm not giving up the username though. 🙂

  • Thanks one and all. I'm not really looking on this as retirement - just yet another career change (that'll make it career number 8 or 9 - lost count now). The difference is that this time, I'm fortunate in that I will get a certain amount of income with having to graft for it. Not enough to fund the lifestyle I would like to become accustomed to, but it helps ☺

  • Hmm, maybe one of these days I should change my handle too, since I don't do any remote control stuff anymore, and what's an "arlyle" anyway? 🙃

    Congrats on your retirement, I'm jealous of the time you'll have!

  • Congratulations on your retirement.

    I wish you only health, but with this you can have everything 💪

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