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    Enjoy your retirement! But stay active one way or another - as I am sure you will.

    Thanks - and "er in doors" will make sure I'm not idle. ☺ But yes, I've always had so many hobbies and interests that finding time for a job has always been difficult. I'll not be bored........

  • Nice !!!!

    Im jealous I must say.

    Well I never knew if you were a "decking Man" or ... DEC Kingman - mystery SOLVED !!! 😉

    Looking forward to seeing / reading of your 3d exploits.


  • More time you say?
    We are doomed.

    Congratulations! Enjoy it.

  • I hope you weren't the source of the bad joke about "I'm banned from B&Q...". Enjoy the retirement and welcome to being even busier than when you were working...

  • Congratulations on your new freedom! I hope to be in a similar position in a few more years. The closer I get, the farther away it seems...

  • Good luck to you in your retirement! Hope to see an increased output of cool projects to drool over 😉

  • Congratulations on your retirement.

    I'm completely jealous. I'm on the "Freedom 95" plan myself, if figure that my retirement will probably be a "boots first" one.

    As for usernames... I will probably not have a Toyota Supra soon-ish. Currently, I only have my very first one, which has long been relegated to "parts car" and has been fairly thoroughly picked over, soon to be destined to the crusher. I bought the car in the mid-90s, and adopted the username shortly after. Well, it's still highly likely that I'll have another one at some point. I'm not giving up the username though. 🙂

  • Thanks one and all. I'm not really looking on this as retirement - just yet another career change (that'll make it career number 8 or 9 - lost count now). The difference is that this time, I'm fortunate in that I will get a certain amount of income with having to graft for it. Not enough to fund the lifestyle I would like to become accustomed to, but it helps ☺

  • Hmm, maybe one of these days I should change my handle too, since I don't do any remote control stuff anymore, and what's an "arlyle" anyway? 🙃

    Congrats on your retirement, I'm jealous of the time you'll have!

  • Congratulations on your retirement.

    I wish you only health, but with this you can have everything 💪

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