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  • Hi,
    from reviews and HW parameters Duet3D WiFi looks like The best controller board for printers. I am using 3D printers in industrial enviroment and for easy maintenance and overall informations about printers, I am looking for features like logging of all axis distance movements (like odometer in car), total extruded filament, Total hours power on, Last service in (hhhh), Next service in (hhhh with alert), .......
    Is it now or will it be avialible in future?

    Thank you

  • I would like this feature as well.

  • Some sort of hour meter is certainly on the wish list. I asked for this way back - must be over a year, and one or two people have mentioned it since. I guess other things keep coming along which have higher priority.

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    I've heard of people using a DC hour meter like this as a work around.

  • @phaedrux Yes, it's an option but I think time spent printing and moving would be more relevant than simply "on time". At least for setting things like service schedules. I guess you could still do it by incorporating some sort of trigger to toggle an output pin into the start and end gcodes or some such.

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    If we can get a consensus of what and when to log, I will implement it. Some questions:

    • should we log just prints from SD card, or all moves?
    • how often? Just when a print from SD card completes or is cancelled, or more often than that? We don't want to wear out the SD card by writing log information too often.
    • should we just keep accumulated totals (which ones?), or per-job figures?
    • when should the totals be cleared?

  • I guess the first thing we need a consensus on, is what is the purpose or what do we want to do with the collected data. Can we agree that it's for scheduling service and/or maintenance? If so, then it seems to me that the only data that is relevant is logging of time spent printing (or machining in the case of cnc). I can't offhand see a reason why one would want to log the total time that the machine has power applied but is otherwise idle.

    The simplest approach would be accumulated total time that the machine has spent printing because once initial set up and commissiong have been done, there aren't likely to be many other moves. This would be useful for scheduling maintenance tasks such as replace belts every nnnn hours, check cables for signs of fraying or rubbing, check belt tension (more frequently than replacing belts), check all fixings secure, or whatever the user deems necessary.

    For maintenance and servicing, some items will need more frequent checks than others. I guess it would be nice if a user definable service shedule could be incorporated so that reminders flash up on whatever display device the user has, but this is likely to be complex due to the possible number of permutations, and the number of separate running totals that might be needed. A simpler approach would be just to keep a running total and let users come up with their own service schedule - whether that be a simple spread sheet or something more sophisticated.

    I'd have thought that clearing the total(s) should be something that the user has to do by entering a specific command.

    We could make this much more complex by having running totals for each extruder, and for each heater, fan, motor or whatever. These totals would differ from the total printing time, but in reality, how useful would this be?

    Personally I'd like to see something simple, implemented quite quickly, rather than something complicated, the implementation of which might drag on like Brexit (Yes, No Maybe, Hard, Soft - tick as appropriate).☺

  • I would think the logging feature should be something that can be enabled or disabled as either a setting in the config or a check box in DWC. I don't see a reason that it should be on all the time for every user since it will over time degrade the SD card faster due to the additional writes to it. It totally makes sense for the commercial / industrial users who need such an option as the requester in this thread states for maintenance. As part of that maintenance the SD card should be replaced anyway.

  • I would appreciate this feature as well.

    I would primarily be interested in total print time and the total filament used. The number of crashes detected with stall guard would also be nice, but not necessary.

    I think it would be useful to enable/disable from config.g, but at least for my purposes having it always enabled would not be a problem.

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