Communication timeout with Repetier Server

  • Hi Guys,

    I use Duet Wifi and Maestro in combination with a Repetier Server Touch Interface.

    I really often have problems with an stopping extruder. When I take a look in the console I can see the communication timeout like in the picture.

    What´s the problem here?


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  • Thank you @dc42 🙂

    But ist the communication timeout also a problem with the heating fault?

    My main problem is the timeout... 😞

    To the heating fault

    -> I have done a Auto PID tuning
    -> I use a silicone sock
    -> Temperature is really stable

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    The heating fault occurred nearly 2 hours before the communications error.

    In recent firmware versions, the default behaviour when there is a heating fault is to give you a few minutes to sort it out, and if you don't then it assumes the machine is unattended and tries to shut it down.

  • Yes that´s right.

    So whats the problem for the communication timeout?

    The heating fault is a seperatly thing in my eyes...

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    You have some other problems. Twice there is the sequence:

    es after '''S''', expected 3
    Response while disconnected:

    The first line is probably part of an error message from the Duet, but Repetier has chopped off the first part. I've no idea about "Done!" but I think that's from Repetier, not the Duet. After that, Repetier seems to think it shouldn't be connected and is surprised to see a response.