@stcabrera, you say you connected the extruder to driver 5 .... did you also reconfigure config.g to allow the Duet to talk to driver 5 instead of driver 0?
If you did not reconfigure then the Duet is still talking to driver 0 and the test of plugging into driver 5 does not tell you anything.
Connect the extruder to one of the drives currently configured and see if the problem then shows up on the new driver.
CAUTION: I do not know what will happen if you have a shorted cable and you plug it into another driver channel ... it may just report the error but there is a possibility that the second driver gets killed! I take no responsibility for this advise!

You could also plug one of the currently working drives into driver 0. Probably less risky.

Note that anything that homes will probably break for this test so be ready on the emergency switch or the power button.