Attempting to extrude with no tool selected - During Print

  • This is my first Duet Wifi-based deltabot printer build, however I've built many 3D printers over the years using Marlin, Repetier and Smoothieware firmware.

    I'm really loving the new hardware and the DWC, but recently had a print fail near the end point with an "Error: Attempting to extrude with no tool selected." error message.

    Hardware is new, control board and firmware is the latest version, and I'm also running a 7i panel with most recent firmware updates. 400mm round bed, Fresh E3D V6 hotend with a .5 nozzle and a Zesty Nimble extruder.

    I'm wondering if this is a temperature issue or what else might be the problem? I've printed 10 other projects so far on this printer with the Duet Wifi and this is the first time for this error message.

    Thanks, Steve Graber

    Here is the DWC with the errors showing from last night:

    Here is the print that it failed on:

    I assume that the printer continued to print with no extrusion during the night because it was homed and waiting idle in the morning.

    Here is the relevant S3D initial gcode for this file: Note - There is NO Tool Select gcode anywhere else in this file except T0 at the very beginning.

    ; G-Code generated by Simplify3D(R) Version 4.1.1
    ; Feb 23, 2019 at 9:56:36 AM
    ; Settings Summary

    ; printExtruders,
    ; extruderName,Extruder 1
    ; extruderToolheadNumber,0

    ; primaryExtruder,0

    ; useSkirt,1
    ; skirtExtruder,0

    ; temperatureName,Extruder 1,heated bed
    ; temperatureNumber,0,0
    ; temperatureSetpointCount,1,1
    ; temperatureSetpointLayers,1,1
    ; temperatureSetpointTemperatures,220,60
    ; temperatureStabilizeAtStartup,1,1

    ; use5D,1
    ; relativeEdistances,0
    ; allowEaxisZeroing,1
    ; independentExtruderAxes,0
    ; includeM10123,0
    ; stickySupport,1
    ; applyToolheadOffsets,0
    ; gcodeXoffset,0
    ; gcodeYoffset,0
    ; gcodeZoffset,0
    ; overrideMachineDefinition,1
    ; machineTypeOverride,1

    ; overrideFirmwareConfiguration,1
    ; firmwareTypeOverride,RepRap (Marlin/Repetier/Sprinter)
    ; GPXconfigOverride,r2
    ; baudRateOverride,250000
    ; overridePrinterModels,0
    ; printerModelsOverride
    ; startingGcode,G28 ; home all axes
    ; layerChangeGcode,
    ; retractionGcode,
    ; toolChangeGcode,
    ; endingGcode,M104 S0 ; turn off extruder,M140 S0 ; turn off bed,G28 ; home all axes,M84 ; disable motors
    ; exportFileFormat,gcode

    M106 S0
    M109 S220 T0

    G28 ; home all axes
    ; process new process
    ; layer 1, Z = 0.174
    G92 E0.0000
    G1 E-1.0000 F1800
    ; feature skirt
    ; tool H0.174 W0.630
    G1 Z0.400 F12000
    G1 X25.364 Y-11.093 F12000
    G1 Z0.174 F12000
    G1 E0.0500 F1800
    G92 E0.0000
    G1 X25.668 Y-9.991 E0.0469 F1500

  • Can you post the full gcode file?

  • It is almost 30Mb in size.

    Here is a Google-Drive link

  • Is it possible that someone accidentally clicked on something in a web interface or pressed a button on the PanelDue or accidentally bumped into the LCD panel, causing the tool to deselect?

  • @grabercars said in Attempting to extrude with no tool selected - During Print:

    It is almost 30Mb in size.

    Here is a Google-Drive link

    Your link is set to private, so I can't get it. Request sent though.

  • @bot It is not. The panel and all electronics are located at the top of the machine.

    alt text

  • What firmware versions are you running?

    I can't see anything obvious in the gcode file, and can't think of a reason why it would deselect a tool.

    Were there any other error messages in the gcode console? Perhaps a heater fault?

  • @phaedrux I didn't see anything in the code either.

    Firmware is all updated fresh last week. I'm away from the machine and can give you the M115 response later today.

    The printer has been restarted since the issue and I didn't see anything temp related but I may have missed it.

  • @phaedrux said in Attempting to extrude with no tool selected - During Print:

    What firmware versions are you running?

    M115 returns : Version 2.02(rtos) electronics duet wifi 1.02 or later. Date 2018-12-24b1

  • If it happens again, try to scan through the console page to see any other error messages, and send a M122 to get a diagnostic report.

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    Also you might want to turn logging on.


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