Part cooling duct for a 5015 fan

  • In the middle of designing a part cooling solution for the Smart Effector. A customer was asking for a 5015 fan duct that will handle a Volcano. I went a little further and this design will handle both a normal V6 and Volcano.

    The one worry I have is if this fan brace will interfere with the bed sensing capabilities of the Smart Effector.

    The only place where the brace touches the PCB is around the ball bolts. As I don't have a Smart effector (yet) does anybody have an opinion? Thanks.


  • I have one coming in the post (tomorrow) and I am looking to fit a 5015 fan. I can always print it and try it if you like.

  • @Zesty_Lykle
    Did you ever get this design finished? Would love to give it a try! 🙂

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