Marlin ABL Vs Duet ABL

  • Hi,
    whats a better version, or more stable/ reliable version of ABL

    Or what are difference if any

    which firmware did you have a better experience on

    how would one go about installing Marlin 2.0 on the duet hardware

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    Not sure about marlin. on Duet bed levelling supported by a z probe has been a mainstream feature for a long time and is stable.

    I am not sure if Marlin 2.0 supports the SAM4 processors yet however you will find you get a better experience from RRF which is designed from the ground up tow rok on 32 bit processors. That is not knocking marlin - it just has the hangover of supporting all the old 8 bit stuff as well.

  • As one who used Marlin, I purchased my first DuetWifi a couple years ago and I would not go back to Marlin, all 3 of my printers at home are DuetWifi, so I maybe a little bias.
    Also this forum is a great wealth of knowledge.

  • I used both and will definitely stick with the Duet ABL! 😉
    The possibility to save a heightmap of your headbed alone is a big reason. This makes it possible to probe your bed just once and then load the saved heightmap before every print. Saves a lot of time and is much more convenient.
    The ABL itself works great and stable, I can really recommend it.


  • I have used both Mesh ABl and Standerd ABL on Marlin,
    Mesh on marlin is very simplier to Duets,
    Though its only really gcode based. At least we have DWC for better bed map management.

    and of cause Duet is my choose..

  • Marlin 2.0 has changed a lot to support 32bit boards due to their HAL isolating the CPU peculiarities. Their support for32bit boards is on par with the one for 8 bit boards (and some of those 32bit boards are now available at competitive prices compared to the 8bit boards).

    As far as I know, there has not been made an effort of porting Marlin to SAM4E based boards, so Duet boards are RRF exclusives.

    As far as I know, Marlins bed leveling has a limit in the number of points used for mesh leveling which is lower than the one for RRF (if one exists). I don't know if that has practical implications though.

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  • Hah, I never tried more than 400 (-: (200x200mm with a 10mm distance between each point). ISTR the limit on Marlin is around 150.

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