Use of two smart effector and realize this

  • Hi,
    i´m Micha. from germany an use a duet wifi board on my modified Anycubic Predator.

    Actually i build up two smart effectors, one with an e3d hotend, one with a volcano.
    Now i will change the effectors in depends of the printjob i want to do.

    What is the right way to realize this with the duet reprap firmware?

    Must i use the tool funktionality for this? Or must i hold two complete sets if configuration g- files und change them in the root if i change the effector?


  • You could modify you start code in your slicer to call a specific macro.
    Then have a macro for the standard v6 with all the appropriate gcode changes and then the same for the volcano.
    I assume you have a different profile set up for each hot end.

    Or you could do it through different tools as you say.

  • i would go the tool route. that way you do not need to disconnect everything.
    thermistor, fans, heater catrige. possibly extruder.

  • @Veti he has 2 smart effectors fully set up so he would be changing everything each time, i.e. disconnecting and reconnecting the two plugs on the smart effector and the arms.

  • but does he really need to do this?

    if the first is connected to the e0 stepper, heater 1, thermistor 1, fan 1
    and the second is connected to e1 stepper, heater 2 and thermistor 2 and fan 2, the only thing that would need switching would be the z probe connector.

  • Well its a delta.
    The smart effector only allows one hot end to be connected.
    Its not very easy to change the hot end on it quickly, especially as fans are at different heights, so it does make sense to have more than one smart effector.
    Both would be run off the same extruder motor as it's a bowden setup, so theres no physical cable changes, just swapping the smart effector over

  • he has two smart effectors. and if they are connected with the magnetic balls you just pull it off and snap the other one in place.

  • administrators

    I agree with @Veti if there is space to put the unused tool off to the side then the only thing to change is the magnetic arms.

    (Assuming spare heaters, fans, extruder etc)

    And tools is the best way to do this.

  • Would tools account for the change in Delta height?

  • @jay_s_uk said in Use of two smart effector and realize this:

    Would tools account for the change in Delta height?

    yes that is what the G10 command if for.
    you can specify different settings for each tool, including z offset.

  • Thanks for the reply, so far.
    I think the only dimension differences of the effectors are the z-hight.

    Is this a problem for the auto- delta calibration?
    Must i do one calibration for each effector? Or can i calibrate one effector and the software correct the calibration for the other effector with the other z-offset value?

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    Here's another option (untested!) if the only thing you need to change between effectors is the homed height. The Volcano is taller than the V6. So:

    1. Configure the M665 homed height for the Volcano. That's safe, because if you use the V6 without changing anything, you will air print rather than crash the nozzle into the bed.

    2. Put the following in bed.g:

    G1 X0 Y0 Z5 F6000
    followed by your usual G30 P... commands to auto calibrate. The G30 will reset the Z height before auto calibration starts. Do not include M500 in bed.g.

    1. Make sure you always run G32 to auto calibrate before you print, for example by putting G32 in your slicer start GCode or in start.g.

  • @Micha said in Use of two smart effector and realize this:

    Must i do one calibration for each effector? Or can i calibrate one effector and the software correct the calibration for the other effector with the other z-offset value?

    i would say, give it a try. if the only thing that changes is the z height then the offset should be enough.
    but there might be very slight differences between the effectors, i.e the length of the magnet mounts on the effector that could influence the result.

    if you find out that you require different M665 and M666 you can always put them in the specific extruder config of your slicer.

  • I will retry as follows:
    Make a correct setup for one effector and download all configuration files as a .zip.

    Then i modificate the settings for the second effector and download this settings as a .zip.

    So i can upload the .zip file to the board depends on witch effector i will use.

    Could this way be work. What do you think about it?

  • if you go down that route i would suggest that for example in cura you select that your printer has 2 extruders.

    then identify the difference between the 2 config files (i.e. M665, M666 etc) and put them in cura for the extruder start-G Code.

    that way you dont have to upload the zip file each time you change the extruder.

  • administrators

    @Micha I think that's making it harder than it needs to be. I would follow @dc42's instructions

  • @dc42 This is my aproach. I am close to receive my second smart effecto and plan to have also a vocano setup and a v6 setup.

    But I was planning on using sets of filament named

    and set everything on the config file of each filament with a proper G30 setting.

    So when I change the tool, then I must change the filament to the proper one, and I hope the config file runs the height change and the bed calibration (not sure yet to use S4 or S6)

    My concern is, if I leave the filament set on tool, turn off the printer and turn it on, it should run the config.g of that filament when I start the print?

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