dyamic stalldection

  • is there a way to have mutiple stall vaule for diffrent state fo machene for example when home and level disable stall dection when print with high speed have higher stall vaule and lower stall dection when resume some thing like that

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    @poohzaza Yes if you out the different values in the various macros (so set the stall detection settings you want to use in the homing macros, the print start gcode etc)

  • Yes, since stall detection is setup with gcode, you can change the values (including motor currents) in your homing files, in your startup gcode, in pause.g and resume.g, and so on.

    If you search the forum you will find an example setup by @Phaedrux about setting stall detection in a macro for fine tuning. It should give you an idea how to set this up.

  • so how do i change stall dection with high and low print speed i useing cura

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