Corexy travel problems

  • I have built a corexy, when it travel just in x or y it travel just fine but when it moves in a diagonal it jurks an lose step or some thing (it doesnt travel to when it ment to)
    any one have any idea

  • Pure X and pure Y moves use both motors whereas diagonal moves at 45 degrees use only one motor. So it's likely a problem when using just a single motor. Does it exhibit the same behaviour in both diagonal directions? i.e. front left to rear right but also front right to rear left? This will tell you if just one motor is affected or both. What size motors are they, what is the current rating of the motors and what current have you set them to use in config.g?

  • hi
    thank for the help
    moving from front to back from left to right to jurks in both directions
    moving front to back right to left to moves smoothly in both directions
    I have nema 17 0.9 1.7a motors running at 1.3a in software

  • So it's definitely to do with one motor, the one that does front to back, left to right. With the machine switched off, move the hot end diagonally in this direction and watch the belts. One motor will turn and the other will be static. the one that turns is the problem one. The first thing to check is that the pulley is held tight on the shaft and not slipping. If it is then it's most likely a wiring problem.

    Edit. Looking closely at the video, the pulley on the motor in the shot is either very misshapen or it's loose on the shaft.

  • Its funny how a lose grub screw after tighting makes all the difference.
    I cant thank you enought for your help,

  • Glad you got it sorted. Out of interest, that looks like quite a large bed oblong bed but it might just be the camera angle. What size is it?

  • build area is X720 Y320 Z 800
    With 3 hot ends, changible tools
    diamond hot end
    e3d volcano
    direct drive with e3d hot end
    so the hot ends get pick up as need in the print then droped off

    I call it "Small Box"

  • Wow that's impressive. May I ask how the hot end is fixed to the carriage after it gets picked up?

  • Wow nice Foehnsturm-style magnetic changer!

  • @deckingman:

    Wow that's impressive. May I ask how the hot end is fixed to the carriage after it gets picked up?

    magnetics, holds real well

  • administrators

    That is awesome! Will you be sharing the design of the magnetic changer?



  • I guess I can after I get everything up and going

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