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  • HI after buy the duet wifi to mod my ender3 pro i want to connect ther stock lcd to the duet wifi i know that the duets lcd connetor met to connect 20x4 lcd but there is no software support so the pin is repurpose for 11 12 steper for the duex board mean while adding ST7920 to the borad there is a software support but disable in duet wifi and i have to compile my won firmware but i dont know how and i have an idea of use arduino to connect to lcd and port panel due firmware any ideas

  • there is no support for 20x4 in duet.
    the duet maestro has support for the 12864.
    the duet wifi only supports the paneldue

  • is there a way to hack it
    @dc42 can you help

  • @poohzaza said in duets wifi display mod:

    is there a way to hack it

    It's like hacking a car to be a horse carriage 😉

    Have you considered using a small PanelDue to get the full functionality?

  • well i do but i just want to reuse the stock lcd since it work fine

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    I was discussing this with @T3P3Tony and @dc42. There may be the option of adding 12864 support to Duet 2 and 3 in future, but it's not high on the list of priorities, and 2004 LCD support is unlikely to ever materialise. It's generally easier just to get a cheap tablet and run the full DWC. On Duet 3, you can plug a tablet into the Raspberry Pi HDMI port and use it as a directly connected display and input device.

    However, forum user @EasyTarget has created https://github.com/easytarget/PrintEye, which could perhaps be modified to support different displays. It has the level shifting of 3.3V to 5V, uses an Arduino 328P to poll the Duet on the UART for a JSON report, and displays info on a screen.


  • You could try using an esp32 to use the paneldue serial protocol to receive and send data and use the 12864 as an interface on the esp. this is probably easier than hacking on the duet firmware.

  • @oliof that a good idea can you go into details on what you have on mind

  • There are other projects like SMuFF that use the paneldue protocol to send and receive data, so that part has been done before. The majority of the work would be to build your own menu and encoder based selection/input system, but there are instructables for that as well. Someone with more free time than me and some coding experience should be able to get a simple version up in a couple weeks.

  • @droftarts if i go with that route i have to enable M918 and sfift voltage level can anyone explane how

  • You don't have to enable anything on the Duet.

    Get an ESP32. Wire one of the UARTs to the 4-pin connector on the Duet where you would attach a PanelDue. TX<>RX.

    Write code on the ESP32 that periodically issues M commands to read the status of the printer. Maybe once a second.

    Attach your LCD to the ESP32 and display whatever you wish.

    Having said that, it sure seems like a lot of work to reuse an LCD that costs under $10. Where there are much better alternatives, like using an old phone or tablet via the network to run full Web interface. For free.

  • @Danal dose panel due port work like regular usb and panel due is like a computer that issue m code right

  • @poohzaza said in duets wifi display mod:

    @Danal dose panel due port work like regular usb and panel due is like a computer that issue m code right

    Correct. The PanelDue, or anything that you build and attach to that serial port, must issue periodic commands to find things like the temperature or the current position. And parse the result.

    The PaneDue, or similar, must issue G-Code command sequences if it wishes the printer to move.

    And so on and so forth. The hardware serial port is a 3.3V TTL hardware serial, the bytes that flow down that hardware link are G and M codes to the printer, and responses back.

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