Suddenly bad print quality !

  • Suddenly I am having bad print results.
    nothing is changed on the printer , belt and mechanics seems ok.
    All 4 pieces was printed together.
    First and second photo are the back and front part of the same object so the last two.
    Any idea?

    IMG_20200119_141202 (Media).jpg IMG_20200119_141155 (Media).jpg IMG_20200119_141147 (Media).jpg IMG_20200119_141114 (Media).jpg

  • what kind of printer is it?
    what material is that?

    post a picture of your printer as well.

  • Thank you for your answer .
    PLA geeteck , printed at 200 C° speed 50 mm/s
    Printer modded D-bot it always printed perfectly without artifacts.
    this is my printer and usually print results.

  • the wheels can fail.

    disconnect the belt and check if you can move everthing without any resistance.
    also check for play.

  • Checked all the wheels and everything seems fine , no evident play . Any idea on how I could identify the problem?

  • How much filament have you run through your nozzle? Did you get a hardened nozzle or have you been using a brass one? Have you used any filaments that are abrasive like carbon fiber or glow-in-the-dark? Any materials that hydrolyze? (200ºC for PLA would be too hot in my machine & would definitely make trouble unless I kept the filament moving)

    When I had a (previously dialed in) material suddenly experience a drop in quality that couldn't be explained by mechanical or electrical malfunction in the past it turned out to be the nozzle - it had accumulated residue on the inside and had worn away on the outside to the point where the orifice was no longer producing a circular and consistent output stream.

  • I'm inclined to think this could be an extrusion/nozzle issue.

    If you've already taken your belts off and really checked for carriage wheels for travel and play, I'd change the nozzle for a fresh one. While the nozzle was out I'd also (carefully so as not to make a mess) extrude a bit of plastic through the hot end before putting a new one in, just so as to push any contaminants out as well.

    The fact that it was fine then just started happening suggests it's a sudden failure that should be reasonably apparent.

  • I made a test with cube in vase mode 80x80 it is almost perfect
    The problem arise when I don't use vase mode
    Maybe a flow problem?

    I am gonna change nozzle and then I'll try the previous print another time.

    IMG_20200119_220959 (Media).jpg

  • If you're going to change the nozzle, it's well worthwhile purging the hot end, giving your extruder gears a clean/adjustment, and checking your esteps for that filament at the desired print temp.

    Try printing that PLA at a nice safe 210 degC, which should be fine if your temp sensor is working.

    Nice printer! Love the Z axis.

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