Wiring a PV Cable from a Mafell Router into the Duet?

  • Has anyone tried to wire up a PV Cable from the Mafell FM1000 PV Units and its RPM be controlled through the Duet at all? What would be involved in configuring the PV cable for the Duet would the connectors need to be crimped and connected to a fan output terminal? Any advice would be appreciated!

  • @RyanChristy said in Wiring a PV Cable from a Mafell Router into the Duet?:

    Mafell FM1000 PV

    I did a quick look at their web site and could not find documentation for speed control of any kind. Do you have a link to a data sheet? (not the marketing glossy)

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    @RyanChristy This is the best I could find: https://fm.mafell.de/fileadmin/user_upload/Mediathek/mafell_datenblatt_fm1000_pv_1019_ENG.pdf
    Relevant bits:
    Portal connection M8 / 4-pol.
    Power supply in PV operation 8 - 56 V
    Portal control 0 - 10 V

    So maybe you need something that can take a Duet PWM input, and output 0-10V, which presumably controls the rpm of the spindle. It does say something about "Additional LED status display", but I think this is just that the speed controller dial has an LED in it.


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    @droftarts said in Wiring a PV Cable from a Mafell Router into the Duet?:

    Portal control 0 - 10 V

    If it accepts a PWM input, rather than DC voltage, you could run it from a 12V fan or heater connection. I think you need to contact the manufacturer for more details on how it works.


  • Thanks for the help, I have a 0-10v PWM unit I will try to use, although I'm having difficulty sourcing a wiring diagram for the Mafell Portal Control which is a nightmare, I believe it's fairly straight forward to define a 12V fan connection as a new tool, Will need to research the coding a bit more!

  • From the one statement in the PDF, "0-10V", I read that as NOT PWM. Instead, it is linear voltage. 0V 0RPM. 10V full RPM. 5V 1/2 of full, etc, etc. Non-PWM voltage control is very common on CNC spindles.

    It would be very easy to design a little circuit that takes PWM from a 12V fan and outputs 0 to 10V.

    Of course, if you order one of these things, we can figure out very quickly how that control works by simply trying it (not with the Duet). Given that we know we can either do PWM or linear V (with a little extra circuit), it seems a safe bet to order one.

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    PWM to 0-10V converters are readily available on eBay and Amazon.

  • @Danal Thanks for the advice, I have just found some more information directly from Mafell which may help!

    • if not connected, the machine operates manually via the potentiometer wheel
    • for connecting to external speed control, please use the M8/4-pin interface

    Upv = basic power supply (8-56V)
    Us = speed control (0-10V)
    Uo = no entry (this is a signal from the motor to the router on overload = same information as LED)
    GND = reference to Upv (same as + and -)

    Wiring Diagram.jpg

  • That does help. To DC42's point, an "off the shelf" PWM>Voltage converter that configures to 0-10V is needed.

    A PWM pin on Duet would be configured to be PWM spindle speed. That pin goes to the converter. That goes to 2/Us on the Mafell connector (and ground is also connected. Signal ground).

    That should "just work". Standard G-Code commands to start and stop the spindle, with speeds, should PWM>Voltage>Mafell and, well, I really can't describe it any better than it will do what we all expect.

  • Apologies for thread resurrection but didn't see anything else in search results for Mafell spindles and thought might be better to keep it in one place.

    The spindle control is straightforward enough for this spindle, but is there a simple way to integrate the feedback line to the Duet?

    If any voltage is present on the Uo line it means the spindle is going into overload protection mode and going to shut down (the voltage indicates how long until shutdown, but anything other than 0v means shut down is going to happen).

    Is it possible to sense this line on the Duet and pause the job if a voltage is registered?

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