While is printing... do Home X or Y. Without touching anything!

  • Hello everybody,

    this is really rare. Everything work super but WHILE is printing (maybe 2 or 3 hours after) and NOBODY touch nothing the printer do Home X or Home Y, aleatory.
    After do this, continue printing... Maybe 3-4 mm after do again...
    Maybe happen several times and always continue printing...

    New board Duet Ethernet v1.04c with 3.0firm and DWC2.0.7. With PanelDue7i

    I check the hiccups and the 95%times was 0, another times values like 2, 5 or 10. No more.

    The consoles of PanelDue not say nothing interesting.

    Any idea?

  • @FBG Can you share the gcode file that this happened on.

  • Not is with the same code, you can use as you want, is indifferent.

  • Are you running a 12V power supply? If so, my guess is that your voltage is dropping too low, causing the duet to trigger a pause, re-home, then restarting your print. This is the only logical explanation.

    Check to see what your M911 settings are, as well as send an M112 to see if your power supply fell below the voltage set in M911.

  • @timothyz

    I use 24V and i think that is fine
    Moreover, i don't have resurrection configured

  • if this happen can you post the result of M122 and your config.g

  • administrators

    Do you by any chance have motor stall detection enabled (M915 in config.g), with "rehome on stall" selected in the R parameter?

  • @dc42 I don't have configured M915. thanks
    @SIam When happen i will send the exactly M122. thanks

    Is possible that can be noise or interferentes? I am checking all wires...

  • administrators

    Here are some other possibilities:

    • Does your slicer have an option to re-home axes every N layers, so the G28 commands are in the print file?
    • We've had instances of noise on the PanelDue wires causing spurious commands to be executed before, although I've never heard of that including homing commands. To guard against this, checksumming for commands received from PanelDue is enabled by default; but it could have been disabled by a M575 command.

  • @FBG Does it actually run homex or homey, or is it that the print head moves towards X min or Y min? What I mean is, does it move all the way to touch the switch, back off a few mm, then repeat like a true homing macro, or does the print head simply do a random move towards the axis minimum? I've seen the latter case happen when the firmware was at the prototype stage and gcode files were being corrupted during the upload process and CRC error checking was not present. But never with later firmware. Do you have CRC error checking enabled in DWC and do you get any errors when uploading gcode files?

  • @dc42

    1. No
    2. M575 not is write in the config or GCode program

    You are right, not do home.
    The real movement is go to Xmin and Ymin, also do Max..
    Never i see error CRC

    By the way, this morning i change the SDCard to a new card brand Sandisk.
    For the moment all seem correct and i run same gcodes than before!
    Can be this the problem?

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