Linear Rail CoreXY 326x326x320

  • I set up a little project page. I'll update it from time to time when I got time and new stuff happened.

    I always wanted a 3D printer of my own. Since no commercially available machine fulfilled all of my requirements I went designing my own 🙂

    CAD design of all linear rail CoreXY

    All linear rail 3D corexy printer


    • Max. package: 550x490x500 mm
    • Min. print volume: 300x300x300 mm
    • Budged: 1500€ – 2000€
    • Fast print speeds: >100 mm/s
    • High quality prints: Equal of better than other printers in that price range (Ultimaker 3, RailCore II, Zortrax M200, etc.)
    • Capable of printing engineering-grade materials (ABS, Nylon, etc.)
    • Option to upgrade to multi-material printhead
    • Easy to manufacture: No access to NC-Machines

    The requirements listed above manly originate from the fact that I need the printer to be big enough to produce highly integrated (high quality) parts for my drone(s). At the same time it needs to fit inside something like a kitchen cabinet since this is the only place where I can store the printer for now.

    The design is heavily inspired by the HyperCube, RailCore II 300ZL and E3D Motion System (Toolchanger).

    It is still not perfect, but it does produce great looking parts. I am also developing a custom HMI for the printer. Sort of a DIY alternative for the PanelDue. It will be optimized for 3.5" displays and can be connected via WiFi or the PanelDue port. If you source the parts yourselfe it costs around 25€-30€.

  • Your HMI looks very interesting. How hard do you think would it be to port it to the Bigtreetech TFT35 controller? V3 has support for ESP32.

  • @seeul8er
    Nice project..Still some space for improvement (especially the Z-axis).
    I'm impressed by the HMI. Seams to by userfrendly and clear.
    For me the PanelDue is an overkill.
    That was one of the reasons why I have chosen the Maestro and I'm using the 12864 LCD.
    So hopefully you will get further with the HMI ....
    That is exactly what I'm missing to go for a Duet 2 or 3....👍

  • @oliof The Bigtreetech TFT35 V3 seems to be based on the STM32F207VC MCU. So in order to run RepPanel on the module, you will need to port LittlevGL (the GUI lib that RepPanel uses) to that MCU. That step is absolutely doable, but I am not sure about whether the STM32F207VC got enough power and especially RAM to pull it off. The ESP32 is equipped with a lot more. So the answer is maybe. RepPanel is currently optimized for 480x320 displays.

    You would also need two firmwares. One for the ESP and one for the display module. Doesn't make it any easier.

    I'll hope the forum software/admins consider me fancy & trustful enough in the future, so I can post to the Third-Party Software section of this forum. Then we can move the discussion on RepPanel over.

  • @DIY-O-Sphere Thanks! The wobble is gone now since I moved over to a pre-tensioned guide block. Only on very high accelerations and only when they are in a certain direction the bed still wobbles a bit. It stops very quickly as well.
    I can only observe it during some fast travel moves which do not affect print quality since no material is extruded.
    But yes. Still room for improvement.

  • No sample prints to show yet?

  • Wow, the printer looks nice, but the HMI is impressive. Glad someone puts effort in that because I really like the option (i think panel is not that usable and the LCD of the maestro is not that pretty).

    Do you know a good place for the aluminium parts in Germany?

  • @JRDM Wanted to do some more settings optimization (speed/quality), but I keep them coming.

    @taconite Thanks! I compared a lot of suppliers and chose in the end. The quality was good. Shipping time OK (do not expect prime delivery 😉 ).
    I found their price to be one of the lowest. You'll usually need a lot of nuts for the profiles. Those can get expensive. They got a good volume discount. All in all, I'd chose them again. (Not sponsored 😄 )

  • Mh seems like you can just buy hugh quantities. Motedis is my way to go.
    What I actually meant where the laser cut and bent aluminum parts - where are you getting them from?

  • @taconite They got a min. length for the extrusions. Apart from that I see no reason why low quantities should be a problem.

    For laser & bent parts my goto is Found them to be cheapest of all (that sell to private persons). The online configurator is nice.

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