PanelDue has washed out colors

  • Today when I turned on my printer the PanelDue5i switched from it's normal colors to a very washed out look. This has persisted even after re-flashing it. Is there anything else I can do to fix it?

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  • looks inverted, not sure how it helps though.

  • I thought that at first but the Setup screen still seems to show the correct colors on the color bar.
    Maybe the contrast control went out?


  • Any ideas? Should I consider it dead? Any possibility this could be covered by warranty?

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    How long ago did you purchase it?
    From whom did you purchase it?

    The Duet3D warranty policy is here:

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    Can you confirm which firmware was flashed? Would life to verify that it's the correct firmware for the Panel.

    Also, can you check carefully for any bridged solder connections? Possibly post a close up photo of the PCB areas front and back.

  • I have flashed it multiple times with the firmware and the problem persist. The original panel was purchased from on 1/11/2019 and had to be warranty replaced on 2/28/2019 after it stopped working.

    Here is a picture of the back of the panel.

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    Based on the description, with the correct firmware (it started to fail during normal operation rather than during a firmware update, correct?), and nothing visible on the PCB showing bridged pins, it would seem to be a failure with the LCD panel itself. Unfortunately it is also out of warranty. Options at this point, you can try contacting to inquire about a possible discounted refurbished unit on exchange, or attempting to replace the LCD, which I recall others have done in the past.

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