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  • I'm currently revamping my beloved delta, which is currently powered by a meanwell type 12v power supply. Considering going to 24v. All of my accessories are 12v and some of them I rather like, my hotend and part fans for instance. I personally have not loved my experiences with buck convertors but understand that is an option. For the fans, they're pwm on the (-) side, right? Even the thermostatic always on fan? I could keep my 12v PSU giving + to all the fans and plug the (-) into the board right? Then I could just order 24v heater carts or buck convertors on the heater (ssr mains bed)? Is it even worth the trouble?

  • @clearlynotstef I think for fans and other low power devices using a buck converter is fine. Everything is switched on the negative side. You could then replace them with 24v equivalents whenever you want. I wouldn't run heaters through a converter though. You'd be much better off replacing those with 24v ones.

  • Exactly what @gtj0 said.

    Swap 12V PSU to 24V, add buck for fans that feeds the + to the fans, and the fan - is to the duet to be switched... and replace hot end heaters with 24V.

    What about your bed?

  • @Danal Bed is 120v on SR. Is there a reason to use a buck converter when I already will have a spare 12v power supply? Couldn't I just add a 24v to the duet for motors, and connect the + fans to the current 12v power supply for power directly? then just the ground to the board for pwm/switching?

  • @clearlynotstef Sure. You're the one that mentioned the converters. 🙂

  • While I believe that would work... inexpensive power supplies are notoriously weird about their ground (internally). May or may not be tied to earth ground, may or may not be a true zero potential, etc.

    Personally, I'd be MUCH more comfortable with the converters on the fans.

  • Alright so let's say I go buck converters for the fans then, new carts for the hotend heaters, bed is SSR so nothing there, and by the time I'm done there will likely be 7 nema 17s, one of which is a little baby pancake on the extruder. 360 watt should do?

  • How many hot ends on at once?

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  • @Danal Just one, swappable smart effectors, one with a .4 v6 and the other with a volcano with a .8 (and a bigger heater).

  • Hi there.
    i did what 's written in the article posted from @Phaedrux ...the only difference is that my 12V p.s. is coming from a dedicated 12v power supply. (i don't this this is matter)
    I followed the instruction but my fan doesn't work. it works only when i connect internal 5V by jumper. (obviously less then full speed).
    anyone has an ideas?


  • There are 3 options in that article. Which one did you use?

    And can you post photos of the wiring of the buck converter?

  • @Danal , I used the article only to have the information for connection of 12V in the middle pin of voltage selection for fan. (V_FAN_A) b438e99f-a902-4075-a6e7-560ed87bf87a-image.png
    I didn't used a buck convertor, but a power supply already used to other equipment.
    I connected the DC 12V+ from power supply following the indication of attached picture.
    My 12V p.s. is directly supplied from 220 V .
    I dont think that the 12 V to supply the fan has to be derivated from the duet board....but i'm not sure....
    the result is that my fan doesn't work in this configuration.


  • What you show for the converter should work. Assuming the screw was adjusted so it outputs 12V

    Edit: Board wiring looks correct.

    Double check that converter is outputting 12V

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