Bltouch wiring issue?

  • Hallo,
    I'm connecting my original bltouch V3 smart as per duet ethernet connections, pin1, pin2 and pin 8, for wire red, blue and yellow, and wire black and white on socket Z PROBE respectively GND and Z_probe in.
    Now when i try to power up the control board, the led DIAG is on, the ethernet card doesn't work, and BLtouch is completely off.
    looking for BLtouch connection (oringinal) , it seems that the version of V3 smart (mine) is able to work with 3.3/or 5V. and rear the tool, there is no any track to be cutted for select the voltage.

    Did someone have had my problem, and resolved it ?

  • Just check and doublecheck that you have correct wires on correct pins and polarity is not crossed. Blue and black wires are same ground, so if you accsidently connected black to ground but blue to +5v, then it makes short connection.

  • thank @aidar ..I will check again....but i also had verified with a multimeter, that there is non connection between all wires...

    I read that there are different mode for configuring bltouch (if i understood well)...and that the diag led is connected to heater pin of expansion slot.
    But the effect of stop of my ethernet card doesn't seem a good thing.

    waiting for any other help...

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  • @logriso @logriso I was reading about the internal or external 5 v ps.
    If I understood well the internal 5 v should supply also module of ethernet of duet.
    The problem that i have on connecting bltouch is that my ethernet module stops working.

    I verified that only when connect pin 1,2 and 8 on expansion board eth module stops working.

    wires black an white, doesn't cause any problem to the board.

    What i was thinking is that when I connect bltouch (i 'have already checked all wires and all pins) on pins expansion it require current to work.
    May be that is it too much current that is already supplying eth module and 5v generator of duet is not able to give enough current from both equipment? [bltouch and ethernet module]?

    thanks for anyone than can give to me a suggestion....


  • can you post a picture of those pin1, pin2 and pin 8 connections?

  • @aidar thank you for your reply.
    i will send the picture as soon as i will came back home.

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    What firmware version are you using?
    What Duet board?

    What exactly is the issue?

    @logriso said in Bltouch wiring issue?:

    the ethernet card doesn't work,

    Do you mean you're unable to connect to the Duet?

    If the BLtouch is disconnected does it work?

    Please post your config.g as well.

  • @Phaedrux and @aidar Thanks for the answer...tonight after an approfondite check on my bltouch I Discovered this little difference...
    the second picture, is taken from internet...the first one is of the bltouch that i have received!
    !my bltouch.jpg
    bltouch internet picture.jpg

    I have just written to antclabs to ask clarification. I hope only that my duet has not been damaged due to this "difference"

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    are you referring to the wiring colors?

  • yes....
    are only the 5 v that i give from pin 1 was not in the right electronic place of bltouch...i think...

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    Yes I see. If you wire it according to the pinout rather than colors does it work? It may not be damaged.

  • do you believed that in the expansion slot or electronic something happens?
    When I have connected wire red, blu and orange in the exp slot, and white black in probe connector, duet ethernet module stop working and diag led lit on...
    nothing else.....i early disconnected all and i did again the test, with the same result.

    then I stopped trying, and decided to ask help..

  • @Phaedrux yes, i could...but firstly i sent an email to them because this is an error very bad..

    I want that them know this problem and give me the safety to reverse wire without do any damages.

  • Are there any news on this? I currently have exactly the same issue 😞

    Thanks, Martin

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