Conditional G Code introduction "tutorial" (PDF)

  • Since I can't do any printing at the moment (printer is broken), I have put together a bit of a tutorial on "best practice" when creating conditional G code.
    There will be many far more qualified people than I on the forum to do this, and I'm sure that there is better and more concise documentation coming, but some may find it useful.
    It is far from a complete or even comprehensive treatise on the subject, nor is it meant to be.
    Feel free to correct, disagree or ignore as you see fit.
    Especially since the code therein is untested (printer broken remember) 😉
    Conditional G Code best practice.pdf

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    @OwenD Nice! Just had a skim-read through it, looks sensible, though I'm no programmer! Can I/you make this into a wiki page for others to add to?


  • @droftarts
    Feel free
    I can send the text and images tomorrow if it helps.

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