Feature Request - workpiece angle compensation CNC

  • I am using RRF on a fairly big CNC.
    There will be times when I want to cut parts using material that is the correct dimensions in one or two directions. Its also going to be difficult to position the material perpendicular to the X or Y axis.

    So the request is the ability to probe the material on one or two axis and angle/skew the gcode accordingly.

    Here's an example of how HAAS do it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amWolMgEM-Q

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    The first thing we would need to do is implement G68 and G69. Looks like there are (at least) two different forms of syntax for G68 (Fanuc and Mach3), however it would be possible to support both because their parameters don't conflict.

    After that, a probing cycle to calculate the rotation would be needed. Rather than define a new G-code to do this, I think it could be done in a macro using conditional GCode.

    I'll add supporting G68 and G69 to the RRF 3.3 work list.

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    @jay_s_uk I am not 100% if M556 Axis skew compensation could achieve the angle compensation but if so then you could get away with a combination of G38.x to find the locations, G60 to save those points and some arithmetic to calculate the required angles.

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