What’s the current state of multi-filament printing?

  • I was looking at building a Smuff v4.75 but it looks like it’s going to be very expensive compared to something like the Prusa MMU2S. What filament switching rigs do people here are tend to use?

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    The 3dchameleon (https://www.3dchameleon.com/) by Bill Steele looks interesting. its a development of the classic train track multifilament switching idea first proposed by Adrian years ago.

    Then you have the multi in toothpaste out hotends (like the diamond). @deckingman here is an expert on those (see https://somei3deas.wordpress.com/)

    Finally the most flexible solution is probably a toolchanger like e3d's or the Jubilee

  • On the 3Dprinters Discord, someone has tuned stacked Y splitters well enough that he can do 6 colors (white, 5 colors) in XY and 11 colors in Z(white, 5 colors, and 5 pastel colors by printing a white layer under a thin layer of the five colors).

    As much as I like tool changers, you can get a lot of mileage out of the Y splitter approach if you build it well enough.

    sample print

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