What do you use as a slicer?

  • Good morning all,

    I'm using your time to do a little survey ...

    What do you use as a slicer?

    Personally, I used Simplify3D quite a while, I was almost happy.

    Cura, I've always complicated it a lot so I can't assess how it looks.

    And there, I have been working with PrusaSlicer for 6 months and find it perfect.

    Thank you

  • @Rudy2A

    i recently switch to prusaslicer 2.3.0 alpha

    the duet integeration is better if you have more than one duet.

    the new monotonic pattern is really good.

  • I was a staunch Simplify3D user.

    I saw a discussion here with regards ideamaker and although it was a bit of a jump from going to something you are used to, to a new piece of software, I'm a convert, I only use Simplify3D as a backup for a comparison if i have an issue i want to check if its the slicer of the file.

    Ideamaker has many many better features and is now feels very intuitive to use. I cant seem to get along with either Prusa slicer or Cura

  • PrusaSlicer or SuperSlicer

    I really really like the calibartion objects build into SS 😉

  • I use

    • KISS Slicer for the CR-20, except when I run it in IDEX mode
    • SuperSlicer for the V-Core Pro and the CR-20 in IDEX mode, or when printing vase mode
    • Ultimaker Cura for the Ultimaker Original with Upgrades
    • Simplify3D for complex models the other slicers choke on (IME the speed of slicing is Simplify3D < KISS < SuperSlicer < Cura with Cura being annoyingly slow at times).

  • Moderator

    SuperSlicer and Cura Master branch.

  • I installed Cura, but never actually configured it for any of my printers.

    I am running Slic3r, with configurations for my MBot clone and for my Duet based machine.

    99%+ of the time I am perfectly happy with the output, but once in a while, it doesn't like something in a perfectly valid STL file and generated gcode with air gaps in it., where it extrudes nothing in the middle of the print. It even shows the gaps in the 3D preview. Nothing that I can do with settings will fix the problem, unless I edit the STL file, and then it's ok. Except that one time...

    I have it pretty well tuned for my printers, and I'm happy with the results, so I haven't seen reason to change. Maybe one of these days I'll actually set up the parameters for Cura...

  • Skeinforge for years -> Slic3r for a short while -> Simplify3D for years -> IdeaMaker now almost exclusively.

    Every 6-12months I test everything I can find

  • This...

    Rotary Meat Slicer.png

    ... or did I misunderstand the question????

    I think maybe I did.

    Frederick 😉

  • I use Cura and I hate it... the very last version needs a restart after every print and it is crashing all the time. (on my linux workstation)
    But the tree support is a gamechanger for me.

    I will test PrusaSlicer 2.3.0-alpha2 after I saw that here in the thread. 😉

    This is how a real slicer should look like:


  • I think I've tested all slicers except for Prusa.
    I've always come back to using Kisslicer, it's the one who gave me the best results, fastest print speeds, less failures and generally the best eperience. I don't understand why so few people seem to know it and use it, it's a great software.

    In second position comes S3D. I think the interface is less practical, it takes more steps to be able to print something and in my case the results were not as good as KS.

    Third comes Cura, lots of options, but actually sometimes it's just too much so it becomes confusing. The slicing logic isn't nearly as smart as Kisslicer's leading in a lesser print appearance, more defects and a slower print time.

  • @Chriss

    That is a work of art.

    I would love to have one.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • @fcwilt Me too.. but 5k€ are a bit to much for slicing a salami, which I do not eat any more... But this esthetic of the mechanic...

  • @fcwilt
    3d print one 🙂

  • @Veti Did you hand had physical contact with a big chunk of polished steel and a chunk of printed plastic? And did you feel a difference? 😉

    It is like "cylinder capacity" at a car engine.. you can replace it only with more capacity to make it better. 😉

  • I use simplify3d... When I got it, it was 6x faster than slicer. Maybe the latter has improved over time, but I like the s3d interface & features so I haven't shopped around. (It ain't broke...)

  • @Phaedrux

    Hi, can SuperSlicer be used with a delta printer?

    Thanks in advance....3mm

  • Moderator

    sure why not. The slicer doesn't really care what the kinematics are (other than the build volume and shape). The firmware takes the gcode commands and does the kinematics processing to move the motors based on the moves the slicer commands.

  • @3mm I'm using superslicer with a delta. Feel free to reach out if you get stuck.

  • PrusaSlicer_config_bundle.ini.txt

    here is a config_bundle for a Q5 Delta Printer i found some time ago. (You have to delete the .txt ending)

    This one can be used in the superslicer and prusa slicer

  • @PCR and you have to change the Firmware Flavour to RepRap!

  • @PCR I wonder what reprap flavour tastes like...

  • @jay_s_uk

  • Moderator

    Home made soup like mom used to make.

  • @sylvaindc said in What do you use as a slicer?:

    @3mm I'm using superslicer with a delta. Feel free to reach out if you get stuck.

    Thanks. Actually, I have bumped into a 'sticker'. I am running the SuperSlicer calibration functions. One of the issues I've been working for some time is likely a temperature problem so when I saw the temperature tower 'calibrator', I said to myself, "Yipee!" Only there is a problem, it doesn't work!

    I am receiving the following SuperSlicer v2.2.54 error message, upon 'generate':

    "Empty layers detected, the output would not be printable.
    Object name: smart_compact_temp_calibration
    Print z: 9.015000
    This is usually caused by negligibly small extrusions or by a faulty model. Try to repair the model or change its orientation on the bed."

    In the tower dialog, I've set the steps to 5, and 2 up, 2 down. I don't what's wrong, I searched on the 'Net and also read the SuperSlicer wiki and haven't found anything related to the problem. The program does not generate the gcode.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.


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