No DCS after firmware update on Duet3 (3.2b2)

  • Hello,

    afterupdated the fw to latest 3.2beta2 on Duet3 the local webpage not appearing. The firmware update made on BOSSA from a PC, and verified.

    The DCS diag output is here:
    Screenshot 2020-11-04 at 21.19.10.png

    Please help. The lacking of documentation on Duet3 is very frustrating.

  • Dsf 3.1.1 won't work with 3.2 beta 2 due to the change in SPI protocol.
    You'll need to switch to the unstable branch on the pi.


    Stick to 3.1.1 until 3.2 goes RC/stable which is probably your better option. In which case, use bossa to downgrade the duet 3

  • @jay_s_uk Thanks for the fast reply. Then I stick to 3.1.1.
    The RepRap Config not created valid config file, and all the tools, motor and setup are gone. Some advice, how to re-create the config?

  • @eduard as long as you fill in the correct information in the config tool then it should create a valid config file.
    What it can't do is handle things like multiple motors for an axis etc.
    Maybe generate one as far as you can and the post it here and ask further questions

  • @jay_s_uk Tested with M122, gives a bunch of errors. I'll check with 3.1 DWC.

  • Thanks for the help, it is working now.

  • Moderator

    Why did you decide to update to the Beta? Are you planning on testing? If you're just getting a new machine up and running and unfamiliar with RRF3 and Duet3, why choose the beta?

    Is the documentation lacking, or did you have trouble finding it? Either way, we're trying to improve both things, so if you have any specific recommendations on how to make it better, please let us know.

    The main things you might want to know are contained here:

  • @Phaedrux Firt of all, thanks for the help!

    I did not want to try instable version, just under the beta was not indicated it is an instable version. In most cases, the beta is just a fixed version.
    After I realized, there is a stable release, I stick to that.

    The documentation is very fragmented, and unprioritized. In point of setup unnecessary things come first, and important one are follows. A guideline is missing, even if I made the setup several times, after a year or so, is hard to to pick up the thread. Duet can act like an idustrial equipment setup guide to prioritising the setup process with one entry point.
    The drawings has to be on one place for all the boards: schematics, connection diagrams, topology, and firmwares. The fw files has to have the version numbers in their names!
    Just check the macros, they are very important and are hidden somewhere in the tree. And they are also not settled.

    these are just thoughts...

    Anyway, thanks for the hard work, it is a good hw sw.

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