Flow calibration issue

  • Cube.png
    After flow calibration test (Delta printer, Simplify3D, 20X20 cube, 2 perimeters of 0.48 each), all walls of the model were different.

    Instead of 0.96x0.96x0.96x0.96, I got 0.97x1.01x1.03x0.96.

    Please tell me where the problem might be and how to fix it?

  • I have the same issue on my coreXY.

  • Print this with 1 perimeter in vase Mode

    check of its the same result

  • @lui2004 Yes, "vase mode" shows proportionally same result.

  • On my delta (1m tall) when I had this issue the culprit lies in 3 things:

    1. geometrical (tower bended/twisted or not squared to the bed)
    2. belts tension not properly settled. (the belts must not be tied to death)
    3. Z-height not well calibrated. (also if auto cal end properly)

    Those could affect also the 1st layer. Inspecting it , maybe it come a little more squished where walls are more thick?

  • For your own sanity, do a decent length free air extrusion and measure it for roundness. I've chased a similar thing only to have it be that my nozzle had become oval shaped.

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