emergency stop

  • I have installed an emergency stop buttom and configured it with:
    M950 J0 C"^io8.in" ; Definition of emervengy stop pin
    M581 P0 R0 T0 ; Assigment of the emergency stop

    And it works perfect. When pressed I can see the emergency message on the console and prints stops.

    But I want to configure a little more the actions taken when pressing the emergency buttom. So I change the command to M581 P0 R0 T1 and create the fyle /sys/trigger1.g having this:

    M42 P5 S1 ; activates buzzer

    But it doesnt work. I dont see any message in the console now when pressing the buttom.
    Im suspecting the system cant find the file? because another one of my problems is that the macros I put on the MACROS folder, are just not found unless I specifically called them with /macros/macro_name.g

    Thanks in advance

  • Trigger 1 is already reserved for a print pause trigger, so you could try renaming your file to trigger2.g and reconfiguring the trigger to use T2.

    If you are calling other macro files with M98 command, I think it will only look in the /sys/ folder. To get around this, you could move all your macros to /sys/, or use the full path like so in your script: M98 P"0:/macros/mymacro.g"

  • @Zhang-Jianyu
    Ahhhhh that solved the problem, partially.
    Now the trigger2.g file is being executed, but not totally. Tis is what I have inside
    M42 P5 S1

    The M112 is executed, but the M42 not. The same command run manually starts the buzzer

  • Is it possible the emergency stop command is resetting the buzzer output signal as well?

    To test this, you could try to insert a delay before the emergency stop to see if the buzzer works (for a short time) and then stops, something like:

    M42 P5 S1 ; activate buzzer
    G4 S5 ; wait 5 seconds
    M400 ; wait for buffered commands to execute (maybe does nothing?)
    M112 ; e-stop

  • @Zhang-Jianyu Thanks for the tips.
    I have tried your idea. Using it exactly as your wrote, it "works", the problem I see is that this is not exactly and emergency stop. The buzzer works, but the printing doesnt stop till the buffer is empty, and in my example gcode, that took like 5 extra seconds. That makes a total of 10 second to stop the printing... no t exactly an emergency stop jajajaja
    Then I tried:
    removing the M400: still not perfect, the machines stops after 5 seconds (little more may be), but buzzer is not triggered
    removing the G4 delay: the same, it stop after seconds, and buzzer is not triggered.

  • Moderator

    Why the buzzer? Presumably you're the one that pushed the estop button, what do you need the notification for?


    Since the board needs to be reset after, you could add the buzzer to the end of config.g to hear it when the machine boots back up?

  • @Phaedrux you are right, buzzr is just a "detail". I want the buzzer also for notification when print ends, stops, pause, etc.

    IF I add the buzzer to the end of the config file, how do I make it stop automatically, is there any way to create a counter, like "beeo for 5 seconds"

  • @Tinchus you can add a delay for example

    G4 S5

    That's a 5 second delay. And then send the code to turn it off.

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