Pucking up plastic with my nozzle.

  • Well all i can say is there is so much to learn.
    Im at the piont where ive out done my experience and meed some more guidance
    So hers my prob.
    As i print with in an hour of astrting a print my nozzle starts picking up small pieces of strining
    Mostly from. What i can see is at the infill and on direction chainges. Of course this is only a guess
    Ive payed with temps with no success
    Im wondering because with a new hotend im starting from scratch as far as settings
    What i am doing is rinnomg my filament in dryer boxes to rule out moisture as a culprit ive moticed a large diferance it the results as fare as changing filiments .... Petg .... i tried using some pla ive been using and it came out realy weird twice the ticknes then shrunk up onto little fat peices
    That only happend with the shiny gold pla...and its been around forna couple mo. I beleive i have a setting problem?? just no clue what!! All the equiptment is brand new and works like expected. I beleive if the plastic nozzle problem im back to being able to print again aftwr the pla i switched back to petg and it ran beutifuly in the air but still collects small print peices intill the nozzle is covered
    Im even using a coated nozzle desinged for nylon thes suposto stop this. Arg .... 😁 any input would be greatly appriciated.

  • Thos is the slicer settings i believe are involved.
    Retaction 1.5 mm
    Speed for infill 60mm
    Inside perimiters 45mms
    Outside perimiters 30mms
    Retaction speed 35 mms.
    Max speed 30 mm
    Or at least tthe ones im familiar with.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated

  • Mosquito hotend and bmg-m dd extuder

  • Is it possable my fanduct is Some how involved??

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • ![0_1605401214632_16054011707117591609653755072099.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • PLA with additives, like your gold PLA, cause problems with all-metal hotends like the M.

    Try, as an experiment, setting your retraction to 0.


  • I had an microseiss it didnt do it but ill take your word for it. So the pla isnt the issue its the plastic on the nozzle . I know it has somthing to do with. The pla because it doesnt do it with other filaments?? I mentioned the pla be ause it mught give someone an idea whats going on its one minor
    Left out item .... i think ????

  • its the small bits left on the print wher they dont belong there..![0_1605401972780_16054019487955853668630931210140.jpg](Uploading 100%) )the nozzle.pickes up the peices untill its covered all the way to the thereads of the nozzle 😳😳 no clue on why

  • @ziggymanpopo covered all the way to the threads sounds suspicious. Are you certain that the nozzle is screwed tightly to the heater block? If not, plastic can leak from the threads because of the pressure inside the hot-end.

  • yes im sure that was my fist thought too

  • Ive also spent.hours watching it.slowly build up from the tip of the nozzle

  • PETG is well known to collet nozzle crap that way. PLA has much less of an issue that way.
    Sorry, I haven't got an answer/suggestion for you.

  • don't be the suggestion is appriciated,, it's try somthing else besides pteg,good call,, its just that i tried pla and was told it doesnt like all metal hotends W/additives
    fact being with a high end hot end i should be able to run it no problem and my microswiss ate anything i gave it... that was my thought...ive even ran petg on my anycubic that cost 200$
    so I'm pretty sure that it's a setting or a combo of settings hate being a newbie 😅 😄 lmao... im close to being able to tune this stuff to this degree

  • I've had problems with PETG building up on the nozzle. I have largely eliminated the problems by 1) reducing extrusion to 95% and 2) eliminating lift on retract. I also recently bought some filament that seems better than stuff I was previously using, but it could be that the other changes had more effect than switching filament brands.

  • @mrehorstdmd , those are the two things that I find necessary for PETG as well but I don't do them for PLA.

  • Thanks im gonna try some of the suggestions here and i ll leave this poast open.
    I would like to add that i have not set all the g code parameters so there could also be an issue with things likenjerk p a or other things i woupd not know ???? Any input is appreciated. thanks all

  • Had a thought
    Could i be pulling filament up before it cools because of too high of retractions... i had it sat at
    1.5 mm????

  • For refreance the 95% extrution solved most of the gunk on the nozzle thanks for the input guys 👍

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