Mini IR Z probe Nightmare

  • @Veti The plate doesn't get that hot, the bored itself is mounted to a piece of poly tooling bored so there isn't a lot of heat transfer between the sensor and the plate.

  • c1 is not supposed to be fitted. so thats not the problem.

    d1 falling of is.

  • @Veti here is a picture of the bored itself,
    C1 was gone in both cases, this time the diode was gone.

  • C1 is not populated so it won't have gone

  • @jay_s_uk
    It's Q1 that fell off, but C1 is also written close to the pads and can easily lead to confusion.

  • @o_lampe I was just commenting on where @Tpmoses said C1 was missing in both cases. It can't be missing if it was never fitted.
    Therefore, it would be interesting to see the first IR Probe as his comments would indicate nothing was in fact missing

  • That was my mistake, Q1 is what was missing in both cases.

  • @Tpmoses
    The PCB to the right looks very toasty. The shrinktube of the large capacitor seems burned? Maybe you could use some silicone to seal the PCB against heat. (don't cover the optics) 🙂

  • @o_lampe on the first board there was silicone on the board, that was the bored that went bad after a power surge. My main question is if you guys think I should keep with the IR bored or just cut my losses and buy a bl touch.

  • @Tpmoses
    I can't comment on the BLtouch, but talking about losses Add a USV to your printer or a big battery to avoid power-issues.

  • The left-hand board also has the lens of D1 knocked off.

    If you are crashing into something, a BLTouch is likely going to get banged up also.

    What do you think is going on?
    Can you run a camera and take a video of a print to see where things are going wrong?

  • My Plan as of right now is to reorder the board, then mount it higher on the printer and recalibrate the target sensing distance. Then as I am waiting on it to be delivered I was going to go through the wiring with my meter. I unfortunately didn't build this printer, and the person who did no longer works here. He also didn't leave any specs for it so I am flying a little blind.

  • the bottom of the mount looks like heat damage as well.

  • @Tpmoses do you still get the lights flashing on the IR board on startup as expecting? If so, it suggests the chip on the IR board is fine and the power surge itself hasn't damaged the board. Most likely the damage has come from the sensor hitting something, so as the the others have said swapping to a BLTOUCH won't solve your issue.

    I'd suggest going through your wiring, but maybe also look at the failed prints to see what went wrong with them. I'm guessing thrbdamage came from the board hitting the print? In which case, either there is a printing issue that has caused the print to lift up, or there is a config/slicing/hardware issue that has caused the nozzle to drop down.

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