Webcam integration.

  • hello forum,

    I'm running a webcam (logitech c270) on a raspberry pi zero w with motion eye.
    The integration into the duet web interface works great.
    Now I would also like to make timelaps recordings. Does anyone have a tip on how I can do that?
    Awesome would be a button in the duet web interface to start the timelaps.

  • Is better to add the start and finish of the timelapse with codes in the gcode.

  • M42 G-Code can switch a pin (you can free a fan output with M106 and I negative param).

    If this pin could be read by MotionEyOS and trigger the start of timelapse…

  • Hello Frédéric,

    can you explain that in more detail please! preferably step by step.

  • This is just an idea! I didn't dig it… I think it is easy to set a pin on the Duet (using M106 / M42), but I don't know how to trigger a timelapse with MotionEyeOS; this is something you should as on MotionEyeOS list (if there any).

  • To me you want to take a picture on every increase of the Z layer height which I`ve heard ocaprint does , so why reinvert the wheel.
    So what is needed is a macro for every increase in layers ?.

  • administrators

    Many slicers have the ability to insert GCode at layer change.

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