Kossel is Printing!!

  • My 'AnyCubic kossel Linear Plus' if it can actually be called that in its current state of existence, is finally printing. Heck...its only been 18 months since I first fabricated it (was a fully disassembled kit) until now.. I did not work on it continuously, but when I did, I expended weeks. I must admit as a kit it was really fun to build, but the fun part evaporated as I began to attempt to calibrate it to be usable. I won't bore y'all with the gorey details other than to suffice to say, that, the only parts that remain in the printer that are original parts are the 2020 T-Slot profile frame, the belts, the motors and the filament extruder, everything else has been replaced, including all the wire.

    3mm's Delta Printer is comprised of,
    1x DUET3D EtherNet V1.02 ARM controller board (excellent)
    1x PanelDUE 7inch/177,8mm LCD touch panel (excellent)
    1x Escher Smart-Effector (excellent)
    6x Huntly-Hayden diagonal mag-ball rods (very good)
    1x 350W 12Vdc MeanWell Switching PowerSupply (ok)
    1x SRD-D100A DC-DC SSR relay (Auber Inst) (good quality)
    1x E3D-V6 (authentic...not a clone) HotEnd (very good)
    1x aluminum/PCB 180W heat-bed (eBay, no name)
    2x printed DC42 designed print-cooler assemblies (my stuff, could be better)

    It works. I think it needs a bit of tunning and I definitely require better quality filament, and a whole bunch more experience.

    Thanks to all here who aided me in this joint project. Thank you.

    ps, I gotta fix my TS440S/AT 100W Kenwood Ham transceiver in time for the world-wide ARRL (June 23) Amateur Radio Relay League Ham-Field Day coming up. I'll be back...

  • Congratulations. Any pics or videos? 😀

  • Wooo Hooo! Congratulations.

  • @danal, @Juice

    Thanks! : ))