Configuring 12864 LCD on Maestro?

  • The Maestro docs say nothing about how to turn on the 12864. I haven't actually tried "just plugging it in" but I assumed there's something to configure as it seems like everything else on Duet needs to be configured before using.

    Apart from one page on how to write your own menus, this seems to be the only meaningful thing in the Maestro docs about the 12864:

    The Duet 2 Maestro also support the PanelDue colour touchscreen. Connectors for a 12864-type mono graphics display and rotary encoder are also provided (these are not yet fully supported in firmware).

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    I haven't actually started setting up the Maestro but I've set up a DuetWifi and DuetEthernet a year ago.

  • I am running a Maestro with 12864 LCD. I can confirm there is no real configuration required to enable the LCD appart from plugging in the display and creating menus.

    The menus I am using are from the M3D Crane that dc42 linked in another post. I will see if I can track it down.


  • The Menu system with example is here

    The Display can be configure using M918 P1

    However for me there is a problem where the device does not get initialized correctly
    Try pressing the rest button on the display

  • OK, thank you. That's probably the first thing I will try.


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