MRRF 2019?

  • I'm thinking of attending MRRF 2019 with a view to raising the profile of Precision Piezo and my products a little, answering questions, etc, and generally seeing new and interesting things on that side of the pond.

    I've not really done a festival/show before, I went to TCT 2017 in Birmingham but that's more industrial than reprap.

    People who've been to MRRF? Got any thoughts, suggestions, advice? Who's planning to go this year?

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    @moriquendi Duet3D will be there and a sponsor (once they release the sponsor information!)

    Its an great meetup/festival and I highly recommend it. Talk to the organisers if you are planning on conducting commercial activity but other wise its free to register and they have tables you can put printers and stuff on, along with other activities going on. They main benefit is being able to chat with so many like minded people!

  • We will also be there as a sponsor (once the sponsor spots are open). We will be making the arduous two hour
    journey to the event, it will be rough to say the least haha. Its an awesome event, like Tony said the best part is to meet all of the people and see the awesome things they are working on.

  • I will be there, and I expect to have two of your products on a delta printer if I get it done in time. Three hour drive from Windsor, Ontario.

  • Any ideas on who will be there for to say on Duet3D's behalves?

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    @ricky_grade10 TBC at this stage!

  • I'll be there for sure - it's a pretty relaxed event. Get a sponsorship / vendor table if you're advertising a product. Going to be a fun time hanging out again with everyone for sure!

    Edit: I hear sponsor table pricing will be released in the next week or so.

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    MRRF 2019 is only a couple weeks away now. Who else is going to attend? I'm looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible.

  • @phaedrux Not me - it's a bit too far to visit from the UK ☺

  • @phaedrux I would love to but fate put it on a weekend I have a family function I can't miss.

  • I will be there Tomorrow. Look forward to finding every one. -The ones that cannot run away that is.

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    Here's a photo album of the pictures and video I managed to grab while at MRRF this past weekend. There were too many things to see and not nearly enough time!

    It was great talking to people about the Duet. If you managed to squeeze by the booth and say hello it was a pleasure meeting you, and if you didn't make it, maybe next year. If you've got your own photos, I'd love to see them.

    MRRF 2019 Photo Album (Google Photos)

    Thomas Sanladerer has a good walk through video to give you an idea of what it was like to be there.

  • I had a wonderful time this year! I'm still not sure what terrible thing I did to my Duet that made it corrupt the SD card a couple hours into Saturday morning, but I had it all back up and running pretty quickly. People passing by were all very impressed with the PanelDue and DWC interfaces, and I had a lot of good conversations with people about how much I love the Duet Wifi/RepRap firmware. I definitely can't wait for next year!

    Also, here's a picture of my ridiculous Duet-powered machine at MRRF. To the extent of my knowledge, I'm the first person to put a infinity mirror into a printer (what a claim to fame, hah). So many infinite Z-axis jokes!

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