D-Bot/CrusaXY mash up (CoreXY iDEX)

  • Hi all,

    So I thought as I'm now a Duet3D convert I should post my new printer build. First this to say it's still very much a work in progress, it's going to be an iDEX printer but currently only has one tool carriage installed, while I get to grips with the firmware side of things. This is my first Duet3D board so it's be a learning experience but once I got my head around it, it's going well.

    So spec are currently,

    Duet 3 0.6 with 3.1.1 firmware with a raspberry pi 3B attached.
    300mm on X, 270mm on Y and 300mm on Z.
    It has a Prusa MK3 extruder on a magnetic carriage system, allowing for quick hotend swaps.
    E3D V6 hotends 24v.
    700W Keenovo 240V AC bed attached to a 5mm Aluminium Tooling Plate.
    Bed leveling is via a PINDA v1 from my old MK2.

    So when I say it's a D-Bot/CrusaXY mash up that basically means I used my 300mm D-Bot (Link) for parts to make the printer designed by Hunter Bernstein on thingiverse (Link). The parts I printed are version 1 and they have been updated but I'm going to use this for now. The idea behind Hunter's design is to use a Creality3D CR-10 S5 and convert it to an iDEX printer, I didn't have a CR-10 so when the D-Bot conversion route.

    So on to some pictures, I will be updating this thread as I add the extra tool etc but for now this is what it looks like.


    So as you can see I'm using a quick disconnect extruder board, these are connected with a 26pin ribbon cable and so far works great, I remixed some things of thingiverse to make a bracket that holds the cable and I used some flat 9.5x0.3mm spring steel to support the cable (Like the E3D tool changer)

    Well that's about it for now, I'll post updates soon.



  • a duet 3 toolboard would be a good fit for that setup i think

  • @Veti

    It would but for the cost of the PCB's and connectors this is far far cheaper and simpler to setup.

    I'm thinking about adding an extra stepper motor for dual Z motor control, that would be via a duet expansion board.

  • @Rushmere3D said in D-Bot/CrusaXY mash up (CoreXY iDEX):

    I'm thinking about adding an extra stepper motor for dual Z motor control, that would be via a duet expansion board.

    thats twice the price of a Duet 3 Toolboard 1LC (which contains 1 stepper driver)

  • @Veti

    I can use a Tool board for a Z stepper driver?

  • @Rushmere3D
    you could, but it makes more sense to drive the stepper motor on the extruder with it and free up the driver on the duet 3 board for the second z

  • @Veti

    Oh right I see now, yeah that's a good idea. Thanks I'll consider it.

  • it has the same mounting option as your board.

    and you only need 4 wires.
    2 wires for data and 2 for power.

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    Good to see a dbot get some love.

  • First few prints off the printer.


  • great work. you guys are all better than me at producing great printers 👅

  • Hey all,

    Thought I'd post some more pictures of the extruder setup I'm currently using, just to have a complete record on this thread.

    First up in the PINDA probe mount
    alt text

    And here the magnetic extruder mounts
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    And a better view of the extruder board, this is the second tool, so the bed leveling headers aren't soldered in
    alt text

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    Nice work @Rushmere3D I will move this post to the "may duet controlled machine" category so its easier to find for people wanting to do something similar.

  • @T3P3Tony

    Thank you, it wasn't until after I made the thread I realised there was a better category but couldn't change it myself?

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