Duet 3 Mini 5+ Future Expansion Options

  • There is the 3 2-driver expansion board for the Mini that should be out soon, but I'm wondering if there are any plans for any additional CAN expansion boards (e.g. a 3LC using TMC2209s or something closer to the Minis drivers?)

    Equally is there a limit on how many expansion boards the Mini can take? I'm guessing its not quite as high as the 6HC but higher than one or two?

    My dilemma is more on how/what I plan for developing my main core xy printer. It has a Chimera and triple z so needs 7 drivers (mini + expansion looking good 🙂 ). Currntly it has Duet Wifi with 3 external stepstick drivers for the Z, but I'd like to put that in another printer. Further down the line, I'm hoping to develop the core xy into a tool changer so will want a few more drivers. Maybe just a set of toolboards, but might keep some bowden so lose some of the advantages. I'm undecided so can't really be very clear in what I might want...

    Edit: 2-driver mini expansion board, not 3!

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    Hi Tom, its a two driver expansion now as we changed from 3 to two external drivers in order to support CAN.

    There are no current plans for a CAN connected 3LC type board but we would consider it if there was enough demand. I think that in many cases the 7 2209s on a mini 5+ and mini 2+, with added tool boards for extruders covers a lot of medium stepper motor current use cases.

    If tool boards don't suit then another option is to use the 3HC and use the higher current drivers for X and Y (then you can use bigger motors :D)

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    We anticipate that for users of the Mini 5+, the most common route for expansion beyond the 2-driver expansion board will be to connect tool boards. However, in the medium term we hope to provide the option of using a second Mini 5+ as an expansion board.

  • @dc42 @T3P3Tony Thanks both for the quick answers.

    Any updates on when the Mini 2+ boards might be released? I've seen the prototype boards on the announcement thread so guessing they can't be far off? 😄

    Very exciting idea of connecting 2 main boards together in the future. That opens up another avenue of possibilities!

  • @T3P3Tony @dc42 is there a time horizont when mini 2+ will be available? i can't find any information about it. I would like to purchase mini 5+ bu t without mini 2+ it makes no sense for me.

  • @Mosher I believe its January when the full production run of the mini5+ is undertaken

  • @dc42 I like this idea!

    Currently working on an idex core-xy which would have 10 steppers, 4 for x,y, 2 extruders, 2 z-axis, and 2 additional for auto bed leveling (in a non-idex configuration this would be just one more motor than a railcore). Also I like the possibility of adding tool changing or multi-material in the future. For now I can just make it work with 2 3HC expansions. Still like this possibility.

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    The Mini2+ expansion board is now available from some of our resellers.

    Connecting two Mini5+ boards together is implemented to some extent in firmware 3.3beta. Only some functions are implemented: remote drivers (but not some of the driver configuration commands), GpIn pins, GpOut pins, and some types of temperature sensor (thermistors, PT100, and probably thermocouples). Heaters, fans and filament monitors are not yet supported.

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