two z axis motors

  • just found out we will have two z axis motors. Is it pretty straight forward to set up and both motors run identical?

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    Yes, there are several ways to do this:

    1. The Duets provide 2 Z motor outputs, wired in series. As shipped, there are 2 jumper sin one of the Z motor connectors, to allow you to use a single motor. You can remove those jumpers and connect one Z motor to each connector.

    This method is not recommended if your printer uses low current/high inductance motors, especially if you are using 24V power not 24V.

    1. You can connect the two motors in parallel instead. Works well on the Duet WiFi/Ethernet for the types of motors that don't work well when connected in series. Not recommended on the Duet Maestro unless the motors are very low current (e.g. up to 700mA rated current).

    2. If you will not otherwise be using the E1 extruder motor output, you can connect one Z motor to that and the other to the Z motor output. Then put command "M584 Z2:4 E3" in config.g (before any M906 or M350 commands) to configure the firmware to drive both together. If your printer has a Z probe, you can have the firmware adjust the two motors independently to do side-to-side bed levelling too.

    HTH David


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