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Does anyone know of a slicer which has the concept of tools which aren't necessarily extruders? What I mean by that is the slicer needs only to put a Tn command in the gcode file and can otherwise be completely dumb of what that Tn consists of. I still use a very early version is SliC3r which does that. Slic3R PE assumes that all tools must have a single extruder so before I can use say tool 9 which might be orange (a mix of red and yellow) I have to set up 9 extruders in the slicer, even though only 6 physically exist.
Come to that, does anyone know of a slicer which has no limit (or a very high one) on the number of tools? I need at least 9.

Hey, I remember seeing this post a while ago, and I had it in mind when I was creating the RRF profile for IceSL, but I forgot where you made the comment. Now that I'm exploring PrusaSlicer, I re-stumbled upon your comment, so I gotta now recommend you try IceSL!

I think IceSL, in combination with the RRF-specific congifurable profile I made for it, can get you up and running in amazing capacity.

IceSL has lots of features. One of which, if I'm not mistaken, is the ability to paint on a model with a brush different colours, and the slicer will use whatever settings/tool you wish for the different "coloured" sections.

The profile I made seems to work reliably in their latest version of IceSL with 14 tools. Technically 64 should be possible. The tools don't need to be "defined" beforehand. They all accept the default options if desired. All aspects of the tool changes can be controlled easily. Check it out:


I'll be glad to help with any questions you have.

Sorry for crashing this ancient thread with this off-topicness.

On the topic of PrusaSlicer: In their newest alpha, they have a "paint-to-place" support system which is better than in IceSL. I thought IceSL could paint to place support, but it can only paint to BLOCK supports. PrusaSlicer can paint to place and block supports. It's a bit buggy at the moment, but it's worth looking forward to.