BLTouch/Fried board

  • Having recently got my Duet Wifi working on an Ender 5 and after several very nice prints I decided to move onto fitting a BLTouch.

    Its a genuine Antclabs model, latest version 3

    After following the directions on your Wiki page and double checking the wiring was in accordance with the photo shown, I switched the Ender 5 on, to be greeted with a flash and smell of burning from the area in front of the yellow/orange/brown connector.

    The board is now fried, can you get in touch with a solution.


  • did you cut the bltouch bridge for 3.3v operation?

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    I am sorry to hear of your misfortune. My guess is that you managed to short the +5V rail to ground.

    • With the bltouch disconnected, when you apply VIN power which of the red, green and blue power indication LEDs light up?
    • If you apply just USB power, do the red and green power LEDs light up?
    • Is there any sign of damage to the small square chip labeled U3?
    • Is the 7.5A fuse intact?

  • Hi,

    When connected to VIN only the blue LED is lit
    Under USB power no LED’s light up
    Yep, the U3 chip is showing damage in the lower right corner.
    The 7.5A fuse is intact.

    Also, if it helps, as well as the Duet WiFi I purchased a Paneldue 5i, prior to the above problem I connect this with the long set of wires. The screen came on but none of the screen icons would function. I removed these wires and fitted the shorter ribbon cable, everything worked fine. Neither of these were connect when I fitted the BLTouch leads.

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    One more question: were you using 12V or 24V VIN power?

  • 24v, the original Landy that came with the Creality Ender 5

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    I think you managed to short the 5V rail to ground. OTOH the Duet ought to be able to handle that without damage. So I will approve a warranty replacement. Please contact your supplier and point them towards this thread. If you bought it direct from Duet3D, see

  • OK, thanks, I purchased both items from E3D, I'll contact them a little later.

    Should I include the Paneldue as well, is there a problem there seperate from the above?

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    The problem with the PanelDue is almost certainly a bad crimp at one end of the cable. So you could ask them to replace the cable - although they may prefer to replace the whole package.

  • Hi David,

    I have spoken to Daniel at E3D with regards the WiFi board, I understand I have to return it to him along with a reseller warranty form, if this is correct I can arrange that.

    Regarding the Paneldue 5i, I would like to have that fully checked over, although I said it worked with the short ribbon cable, which it did, now I think about it a fault was reported in a small red box in the top right of the screen prior to me disconnecting it.

    Do I need to fill out another warranty form or just return both items under the one claim?

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    @brian_k said in BLTouch/Fried board:

    Do I need to fill out another warranty form or just return both items under the one claim?

    Please fill out 2 warranty forms, so that we can feed them into our failure analysis system.

  • Will do, thanks.

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