IdeaMaker - Extrude Before Start Setting!

  • I'm using ideamaker for slicing for years now, Lately, I built a large 3D printer with a 0.8mm nozzle. I have noticed that the perimeters are not completely closed, this is because of the filament is extruded late at the beginning of the perimeter.

    My question is, is there a setting in ideamaker to let the extruder extrude earlier before the start of a perimeter? this way I can a closed perimeter.

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  • @alielsayid also sounds like you might need some pressure advance if it's not just on your first layer. (Edit: in your printer config, not the slicer)

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    We'd need to see more of your config and print settings to have a better idea of how to improve. A photo of what you're seeing would help as well. You've received two pieces of advice based on guessing what you're talking about. The more info you provide the better we can assist.

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