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    Is it my imagination that it seems that delta printers are no longer a major popular 3D printer as compared with gantry style 3D printers? Here in the DUET3D forum I seldom see any posts or references to delta printers anymore, or is that just a false impression on my part?

    Thanks in advance...3mm

  • @3mm From what I've seen: Cartesian printers are cheaper and a Delta printer can be a pain to configure.

  • corexy printers seem to be more popular at the moment.

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    My go-to printer is a delta.

    Delta printers need to be constructed to be mechanically accurate - which we designed the Smart Effector to help with. So do CoreXY printers. Whereas bed-slinger Cartesian printers can be made to work with less mechanical accuracy, so they are preferred for low cost entry level printers.

    Delta printers are great for tall prints and where desk space needs to be minimised. They are (currently) less flexible when you need features like multi-extrusion and tool changing - although multi-extrusion and tool changing deltas have been made.

    We get regular orders for Smart Effectors - we are planning the next manufacturing batch right now because we expect to run out of them early next year.

  • @dc42 Do you have a good DIX Delta Printer Project?
    I have a FLSUN Q5 running RRF and love it! Perfect for my small flat;)

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    @PCR said in Deltas?:

    @dc42 Do you have a good DIX Delta Printer Project?
    I have a FLSUN Q5 running RRF and love it! Perfect for my small flat;)

    I presume you mean DIY. See

  • I do love my SeeMeCNC Rostock Max V3 that I converted to a V3.2 by upgrading to a Duet/Ethernet.

    I also have the dual extruder/Y connection to an SE300.

    It works as well as you can expect a single extruder/dual filament setup to work.

  • @alankilian

    i like my anycubic kossel delta as well.

  • I enjoy my much tinkered with kossel - the smart effector is a crucial element ; no delta should be without one.

  • @3mm I think youre right that a lot of the traffic on the forums at the moment is from IDEX and toolchangers, most of which are cartesian/corexy/etc. Guessing a lot of this is down to the fact that they are much more complex beasts to setup, and they're (reasonably) new so there's fewer guides out there.
    I'm currently in the process of rebuilding a cheap delta and having a lot of fun trying to get it to actually print straight(ish) lines. As the others have said, this is mostly in the mechanicals rather than the config/calibration

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    @3mm said in Deltas?:

    I seldom see any posts or references to delta printers anymore

    That's not true. People are constantly posting about their delta printers not printing right and needing help getting them calibrated. 😁

    I'm partly being facetious, but the point is that delta printers are not for the faint of heart. larger format corexy printers are more common now because they have large build volumes and lack most of the downsides of cartesian and delta printers. They are easier to calibrate and maintain and they are more easily adaptable to tool changers, etc.

  • Besides dc42's delta, is another DIY I like to refer people to on the 3d Printers discord. Haydn is a very helpful person when it comes to building jigs for your own magball arms -- or order them from Hawaii (-:

  • I have 3 kossel heavy modded with duet wifi and smart effector on them and Haydn Huntley magnetic was a pain before duet and smart effector to calibrate them...but now is my go to printer! And ill never go buy a delta if i cant put a duet board and a smart effector on it ..

  • Not everyone has the skills or tenacity (or should that be stubbornness!!) to get a delta up and running successfully.

    Once you "get it" you are hooked though.

  • I think most issues with deltas are also well covered, so there's not much to ask that hasn't been answered somewhere. My biggest issue with my delta is trying to make it do everything which is completely my fault and kind of on me to solve. My current issue is fixing flow rate discrepencies between 30 and 60mm/s , which is just super fine tuning the E3D titan bits. Which is only an issue because i moved from the compact but powerful stepper to the slimline to fit between the arms and shorten the flying extruder distance for better retracts. Which is only an issue for me since I'm using custom arm spacing and effector sizes to maximize stability over a 300mm plate, once again my fault lol.

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