PanelDue Failure

  • i just received my DuetWifti and the panelDue 7 inch.

    But the panelDue has something weird going on.

    I do not know exactly how to explain it. so here is a short video:

    it maybe a bit hard to see but you can see some pixels jump back and forward at the black lines.
    I think this is not what should happen.

    so i was wondering if there is a way tho fix it.

    thank you,

    Stefan de Kraker

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    I can't tell anything from your video. If you mean that vertical lines are ragged and wiggle, that is caused by a faulty display.

    Note that the 7" display will in general not work correctly using USB power only to the Duet, because the backlight draws too much current.

  • yes that is exactly what it is doing even when there is 12V on the board

  • i accidentally hit the erase bottom.
    and i can`t get it work anymore….. the program i need bossa does not work with windows 8...

    is the another way to get some firmware on the board?

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    Try the bossac.exe file in the Tools folder of my GitHub repo.

  • Unfortunately, that does nothing at all.
    if i open it, it disappear quickly.

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    Open a command shell by typing CMD in the search box, then run bossac in that shell.

  • Hi to all 🙂

    first of excuse for mine bad English…

    I received today mine duetwifi along with paneldue 7 inch and i have some strange problem with the display, below there is a link to a video showing the issue (u can see some distortions on the whole displaying image like it would "swim" everything is wired according to wiki page and the duetwifi is powered over external 24V power supply). I managed to update the paneldue 7 inch firmware with success but the issue is still there. Please advice. Thanks.

    link to video with issue:

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    Looks like the display is losing sync. Some of the 7" displays seem to have this fault. As far as I know there is no adjustment on the display panel to correct this, so ask your supplier for a new display.

  • Hmm its been bought over on isent this forum a propper place to ask? 😞 besides its very strange not to check the electronics before selling it and sending over to a customer.

  • administrators

    I'm sure they do check the electronics, but perhaps they didn't notice the shimmer. Also the shimmer may be temperature-sensitive.

    Tony, can you get a new display sent to this user? If you have him send the old one to me, I will investigate whether it is temperature and/or voltage sensitive.

  • I've been looking into this shimmer issue a bit, and it definitely seems dependent on something. One day I hooked a shimmer screen up and observed significant shimmer, and the next day I connected it to a different PanelDue and observed almost no shimmer (had to look very hard to see it). Both times was plugged into just USB power from my laptop, though my laptop could have been powered differently (battery or power adapter) in each case - can't remember.

    What changed? Not sure. Could be temperature, power source, a particular screen/PanelDue combination, or just randomness.

    My point is it is difficult to test properly before shipment, especially until it is understood what triggers the shimmering.

  • Well,

    mine does more like flickering/tearing over the whole image displayed its impossible not to seen this 😞 just in case i did check different external power sources connected to duetwifi 12V, 24V or standalone 5V over PC USB its always the same issue, left it on for 1-2h then off for 5h and then powering again same problem its like nothing helps at all. Its does look like there is some noise that interfering the displayed image.

  • administrators

    Neoxio we will arrange for a replacement to be sent through, as David says we will ask for the faulty screen to be returned so we can find out what the cause is.

    edit: please email with your order details.

  • Hi Tony,

    i just send u the details for this order.

    Thank you for the fast help guys.

  • @Neoxio:


    mine does more like flickering/tearing over the whole image displayed its impossible not to seen this

    Just to clarify - I have a screen that looked exactly like your video one day, and the next day looked nearly perfect. So if it was tested before shipment, it is possible it tested perfectly.

  • Ok i found something if i touch with 1 finger the back of the PCB from the display in the middle the issue is gone display just works perfect if i take the finger off its there again! 🙂 or if use just a small line of tape…

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    Ahh sounds like a grounding issue…

  • Yea 🙂 maybe there is a small fix for it? 😛 just to make it clean there is nothing else connected to the duetwifi just:

    • external power 24V
    • paneldue

    thats all

  • Maybe I was holding it wrong. 😄

    But really the way I was holding it might have been the difference.

  • Just tested it, touching the vias on the backside of the LCD's PCB, right before the flat ribbon connector connected to the LCD itself, makes shimmer go away.

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    I've noticed that some 4.3 and 5 inch displays have black shielding over part of the ribbon cable. But I've never seen this on a 7 inch display. Maybe an insulated shield over the ribbon cable, or over part of the display panel, would fix it. I can't test this because both my 7 inch displays work perfectly.

  • Mayby Tony can test it 🙂

  • I'm seeing the same "ripple" effect with a brand-new 7" display ordered from "here", and I can confirm that touching the back side of the display PCB or the connector temporarily resolves the effect. Since I don't want to make my fingertip a permanent part of my 3D printer, what material would be suitable to add the shielding, grounding or whatever other effect is required?

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    The two 7" displays I have don't have this problem, so I don't know what works. You could try putting a piece of aluminium foil on top of the wide Kapton ribbon cable that connects the TFT panel to the PCB, and putting sticky tape over that to hold it in place and make sure it can't short against anything.

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