Duet WiFi with external antenna

  • @dc42
    We would like to use duet boards on our printers but the integrated antenna is making the engineering more complex than expected because the antenna has to be external to the boundary of the printer which require additional protection. (and the signal is still not at full potential)
    Is it possible to order some duet Wifi with the ESP-07S module installed by professionals, we would like to have full warranty on the hardware.

    many thanks

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    I am sure that will be possible, especially if you can order a few weeks in advance so that we can have them manufactured this way. I have asked Roland to get in touch with you.

    We are considering adding the external antenna variant to our standard range.

  • This is possible - we can get a batch of Duets assembled at the factory with the ESP07S module instead of the ESP12S, so no reworking will be required and the full warranty will apply. Please email me at think3dprint3d (at) gmail (dot) com so that we can discuss quantities, timing, etc.


  • @Roland
    just sent you an E-mail 🙂

  • Any thoughts on this being a regular product? I know people (like myself) have been interested in the past.

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    @rcarlyle we are considering it but it puts the cost up.

    Just out of interest we had a few of the previous pcb revision made up with the 07S and external antenna. We have listed those for sale until stocks run out:

  • Just curious, is this still the plan to offer Duets with better Wifi?
    I am sometimes experiencing some signal strength problems with the Wifi and you guys mentioned an option with ESP-07.
    We would require 2 Duet Wifi boards with external antenna too, since the boards would be within a metal case.
    We would anyway appreciate, if in the long term the Duet Wifi could be ordered with the ESP-07 as an option.

    Thanks in advance

  • I was having almost 0 connectivity with the ACM material over the board, it's fine without it so I had to print plastic covers.

    It would be great to a have a little IPX connector whip you can drill or stick to the outside of the printer, however it needs to be safeguarded from powering it on without a whip or a whip that has been compromised.

    I've got FPV background with 2.4/5.8ghz TX/RX's, 2.4ghz is a very unforgiving SOB- I've lost a $1700 custom build drone and $1000 camera in a lake due to a loose TX antenna- I don't fly photography tanks anymore because of that (can't afford to start again anyway)

  • Having the WiFi module on a socket will be a perfect solution, at least for me.

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    We plan to offer the Duet WiFi in internal and external antenna versions. The external antenna version will cost a little more.

  • @dc42 great news!
    when do you plan to make it available for purchase?

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    @paboman said in Duet WiFi with external antenna:

    @dc42 great news!
    when do you plan to make it available for purchase?

    Currently we're trying to increase production rate (again!) to meet demand. The current bottleneck is testing, but our automated test equipment is nearly ready (I spent some of last week running rejected Duets through it). When we have some reserve stock of the standard Duet WiFi and Duet Ethernet, we'll add the Duet WiFi variant with external antenna as an additional stock item. Meanwhile it's available as a special order item for OEM bulk orders, but we have to tie such orders in with our production schedule because it isn't yet a stock item.

  • Converted a Duet 2 WiFi to ESP07s. Easy!

    118435178_1502383686632392_8554751055714597104_n.jpg 118443304_362614461404305_7829147893996331746_n.jpg

  • @PCR Nice work!

    I suppose you did use hot air to remove the Wifi module?

  • Yep. Hot air gun.

    But it should be possible with a thick copper wire too. See:

  • I made and blog post about desoldering without a hotairgun


  • Duet2WiFi External Antenna
    Powerful 32 Bit Processor.
    Dedicated Wifi module.
    Super quiet TMC2660 stepper drivers, up to 256 microstepping.
    High speed SD card and support for a second SD external card if required.

  • @mikestanley464 said in Duet WiFi with external antenna:

    Duet2WiFi External Antenna

    😉 But some already have an duet 2 WiFi with the "normal" modul!

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