Industrial 3D printer designed & made in NZ

  • This is a duet wifi controlled machine.

    A ground up design, you can see more on our Instagram. (But still not showing much due to IP)

    The ABS print pictured below is 500mm wide, printed at 0.25mm layer height with a 0.4mm nozzle. (See nozzle top left of picture) Parts come out very flat, much better than our current off-the-shelf heated chamber machines.
    0_1567849096107_toyota racing 3D print enging head.jpg
    It seemed a bit crazy at the time to design and make our own machines but, this machine produces parts a level up on what we currently do and a lot faster.

    Have found Duet Wifi a great platform to work with, we are using external drives via the extension header.

  • Nice ABS prints!
    What's the chamber temperature?
    And is the bed heated? When yes, is it as high as the chamber temperature is?

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    @nz_andy thanks for sharing, looking forward to adding you guys to the list of Duet controlled machines!

  • A short video showing this machine running.

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    @nz_andy Very fast! But what is the brief pause before the travel move? Retraction?

  • Hi Christoph, that is retraction, so some tweaking to do.
    It is the accuracy at speed that is important don't you think, many printers can run fast but start to round out corners etc, especially when you have a big printer like this, 520x520x600 build heated chamber.
    We are printing 470mm long ABS parts that shrink 2mm on cool-down and end up with 0.2mm end to end accuracy.

    This printer uses lead screws, this would seem a bit crazy to some people, Our gantry and print head are very light, custom machined and titanium 3D printed print head. We have not spared expense as this is our workhorse. Our V2 printer is nearly finished now.

    Answering your earlier questions, we do have heated bed, but it was not turned on for this print. Chamber at 85degC with vacuum bed on PEI.

  • A few pictures of some big prints we did last year on this machine, these are ABS:




  • Very impressive!

  • @nz_andy wow! How many parts is that top one made up of and any idea what it weighs?

  • That big print was about 18KG or 40lb, it was about 12 parts, we could have done it in 6 parts but it was more economic to break it up more. The finish is a bead blast before painting.

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